Laiba Asif

Edition XXXXII

In front of light pavement, literally star-gazing my way through life in and out… - by Laiba Asif (Photo by Pepe Reyes)Photo credit: Pepe Reyes

In Front of Light Pavement, literally star-gazing my way through life in and out…

By Laiba Asif

I’m sitting in the land of thoughts
twizzling through the old waves
quivering in the land of deep Light
and I’m just cozily flowing
and finding myself glowing sometimes
or sometimes I just go totally delusional.
I’m sitting in a wooden brazen little bench with the light blowing on my face and making my eyes looking vaguely unique and grey,
sometimes my hair is blowing away with the sand in my face,
but other times I’m flowing away with the universe and the skies to brilliance.
I can reassure the globe at any time and any moment
and sometimes it’s waging a hinge to redirect me to righteousness.
There comes a time to reflect on our times and the times I’m currently sitting here are the most graceful and poised Moments in my life.
My mother wonders if she can be alone in the sky,
with nothing but herself and her accomplishments and her family beside her and nothing else,
she wants to fly and elope away without harming anyone,
with no depression,
with no sorrow,
with no upsets,
and with no quarrels.

A quarterback in time, I was a young child & a little naive but really daring, sitting in the front seat with no obligation but also with no fear
sitting, sitting, to think driftly
and sometimes a little under-estimating.
Sometimes I just feel I’m on another planet rather digesting in a few bricks in my body
and I’m waving rather rapidly away,
mellifluously and continuously,

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