Kristina Kiseleva


A humanoid, born and raised in the Dubai.

I’m an aspiring poet/film photographer- although I continuously find mediums to experiment with, I can only find comfort in three objects: a pen, a small notebook, and my retro Pentax K1000.

In a city that doesn’t seem too keen on art, it’s insane how much inspiration I get over here, and how much effort our fellow artists have to offer.

With the amount of different societies there are in Dubai, for a teenager like myself, it’s exhilarating to have found a sense of belonging with the poets that contribute to this website.

“Life is like a late night drive, although you can brake anytime, it wouldn’t be smart to do it in the middle of the road, so you gotta keep on going, and go on rock and rollin'”

You can contact me or find out more about me through:
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hollow-sorrows-by-kristina-kiseleva-photo-by-kristina-kiselevaPhoto credit: Kristina Kiseleva

Hollow Sorrows

By Kristina Kiseleva

I leave the other half of my bed empty,

just like the other half of my heart.
For you to lay there again,
for you to make me feel whole, and smart enough-
to know it is you who I had to leave an aching space for;
to not experience another loss,
to not feel flowers die and rot,
over and over again
in that hole in my heart.

Edition XIII

that-one-particular-point-by-kristina-kiseleva-photo-by-clem-onojeghuoPhoto credit: Clem Onojeghuo

That One Particular Point

By Kristina Kiseleva

I ask you – have you ever studied an isosceles triangle?
The way the longer line rests at the bottom or top
while the other two sides have to almost cross
paths but then suddenly stop
‘cause it has to meet that
one particular

That’s – how my heart is set on you.
There’s no different way to it;
No other way to see it

It needs – it has to,
meet that one

Edition XV

Don't Put Out My Flame - by Kristina Kiseleva (photo by Kristina Kiseleva)Photo credit:Kristina Kiseleva

Don’t Put Out My Flame

By Kristina Kiseleva

Open up your eyes.
Can’t you see?
You elevate the sadness in me,
to bring the balance I need.
And so I weep,
now please,
allow me to enhance
this happiness that you seek,
it’s within you,
just let me
do the honours
of bringing it out of you,
because that’s what I am,
the flickering light in your candle.

Edition XIX

Art Arises from Sadness - by Kristina Kiseleva (photo by Kristina Kiseleva)Photo credit: Kristina Kiseleva

Art Arises from Sadness

By Kristina Kiseleva

When I leave,
I will bestow my hopes upon you.
The kind of hope saddened musicians sing about,
the kind of hope that leave poets awake every night,
the kind of hope that art students try to pour into any form of medium
in order to create something beautiful-
but destroy the feeling deep inside.