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Profile PhotoI am an aspiring polymath, I have a passion for learning, perhaps an appetite for life and for all that the world has to offer. A self-proclaimed Inquisitive Dreamer, I find that “I collect

While I do enjoy penning down my musings, sometimes, I end up writing poetry on a whim. I feel writing or poetry flows through the writer but comes from Above and perhaps, that is how millions can relate to one individual’s written word.

Dubai Poetics caught my interest because of the good vibes it sends out. Words can make an impact and the Poetryhood allows me to do just that. It gives me the freedom of creative expression and a complacency of sorts that I am making a contribution to my community, however little it may be.

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Edition III

The Right Words - by Kokab S. Syed

The Right Words

By Kokab S. Syed

Night sky beats down all that was left in me
All is gone now and no more, nowhere to flee
What’s left unsaid may forever haunt you and me
Not only did you fail us, you chose not to see

Broken and shattered, the mirror of my heart
Shall tear down all doors, rise like a star
You’ll learn you were the black hole tearing me apart
I was always alone, you never played your part

You almost had me convinced I didn’t try hard enough
One day perhaps you’ll see, I always found it tough
All I needed maybe was your light to lead away
I just couldn’t tell you that, I never found a way

That which  I knew not, I couldn’t relay
What you wished to hear, I didn’t know how to say
You never knew I’d shine if you let me and I lost my way
I’d have shone by your side, if you’d wanted me to stay

Edition V

Wildflowers and Weeds - by Kokab S. Syed  (photo by Roksolana Zasiadko)Photo credit: Roksolana Zasiadko

Wildflowers and Weeds

By Kokab S. Syed

They cross paths on the loneliest of streets, on a lonely day
Each wondering about the other, with nothing much to say

Holding on to secrets too trivial to reveal
They talk of hopes that live, of dreams half real

What would’ve you been in another life – had things gone differently
Just who I am, she states. Only better, stronger too, happier probably

A wildflower, out in the open, wild and free
Yet close to my kind, my tribe, my family

Feeling the beaming sun, swaying with the winds that greet
Yielding all that warmth in bright hues and scents sweet

Staying true to my roots, oddities and essence
Holding fast to the very cause of my presence  

Disheartened and pensive, he confesses unwittingly:
Not all are as fortunate; if anything, a weed I’d be

Smiling she adds: Of the very best kind you mean
Ones that live passionately, the strong and keen

You are what you will, some dreams do come true
Look around. If weeds can blossom, so can you

Edition VI

Travel With Me - by Kokab S. Syed  (photo by Matthew Wiebe)Photo credit: Matthew Wiebe

Travel with Me

By Kokab S. Syed

I have been meaning to ask  
For years now I must’ve been 
So think awhile then answer me 
If you’d like to be my travel buddy   

Each day Earth takes a spin 
Balancing the chaos within 
Dancing to a rhythm unheard 
Inside a labyrinth sparkle­coloured   

Those bound by fate, idle and sad 
With nowhere to go, nothing much to see 
Or the ones caught, in a race with time 
Too driven to pause, live and just be    

Even the beauty locked up by the beast 
Or that one in the tower a dragon guards 
All go round with every twirl down the orbit 
On and on, for Earth’s clock-work-­wound    

Now we could carry on as we have all along 
Or give each other company from this moment on 
For every hour of every day of our journey to be 
Will you take my hand, will you travel with me?

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