Kimiya Khezri

Edition XXIV

My Bitter Expectation - by Kimiya Khezri (Photo by Allan Filipe Santos Dias)Photo credit: Allan Filipe Santos Dias

My Bitter Expectation

By Kimiya Khezri

“This poem is the bitter truth behind my broken heart, the person I’m leaning on and the love I lost. It’s very painful to be with someone and realizing you aren’t meant to be and that you’re still in love with your past and you need it back. The war between your heart and mind is what kills you slowly and drags you down. It’s tough to fight back.”

The sea

The trees

The sand

This beautiful view

The cool breeze through passenger’s hair

and I’m sitting here behind this filthy window

with a mug of cold coffee and eyes like the ocean and a heart that’s covered with hatred.

Staring at the road,

waiting for you to arrive in the daylight,

hoping you’ll show up soon,

but before you do, I see the moon.

I lost a diamond when I was chasing after you.

I didn’t deserve this…

I didn’t deserve collecting dirty pebbles, while I had a beautiful diamond.

And now my hands are dirty from collecting pebbles.

Edition XXV

A Peace of Mind - by Kimiya Khezri (Photo by Hakim El Haj)Photo credit: Hakim El Haj

A Peace of Mind

By Kimiya Khezri

My cup of coffee; half empty
cold again like the weather minus twenty,
spilled all over my words
like how life spilled sorrow in my soul
and sipped on my happiness.

There I am again
with my heart in pieces
trying to put my mind to peace
but it is too noisy for me to fall asleep.

Where did happiness fly to?
Will it ever fly back to me?

Happiness… my cold cup of coffee is waiting for you,
maybe then I’ll drink it while its hot
at least it won’t burn me.

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