Khadija Ajaoud

Edition June 2020

Ode to the Girl with the Sunflower Tattoo - by Khadija Ajaoud (Photo by Annie Spratt)Photo credit: Annie Spratt

Ode to the Girl with the Sunflower Tattoo

By Khadija Ajaoud

I saw you once, a long time ago
and felt as if we met elsewhere in our lives.
I tried to sing but I stuttered,
and could in no way pronounce
the word Liberta
as you like people to pronounce it.

I killed all the airs then and sank
in the sounds of your voice.
I was frightened to explore you
as well as the thousand little nerves
inside my heart.

You were walking on my stanzas
soundless just as your plastic bags of–
And I, was pretending triteness
telling you about how Picasso met
Fernande Olivier.

We were pure as a soft morning breeze
floating around.
You and I, where did we come from?
Are we from the murmuring of–
the mid-sea swell?
or the wall where scarlet windows burn?

or hope or calm–

or wisdom of the East?!

Edition April 2020

لا تتركني - by Khadija Ajaoud (Photo by Eugenia Maximova).jpgPhoto credit: Eugenia Maximova

لا تتركني

بقلم خديجة أجعوض

لا تتركني

.فقد أكلتُ قلبي أخيرا كما تمنيت

لا تتركني

فلا الكحول عادت تنفعني

ولا الحانات ولا حشيش عبد الواحد

.ولا الشعبي ولا الرّاي

لا تتركني

..فنصفي أنت والسحاب أنت والعالم

في خشوعي أنت وصدري وصلاتي

 .وملح دموعي

،يوجعني الريح وأنت منقذي

ثم يضرب على بابي ألفي ضربة

تدفعني، تجعلني مكان الشوك في الأرض

:راكعة أقول

.ربنا إنك تعلم ما نخفي وما نعلن

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