Keith Pereña

Edition XXV

Elegy on a Train Suicide - Keith Pereña (Photo by Jamal Saleh)Photo credit: Jamal Saleh

Elegy on a Train Suicide

By Keith Pereña

It has been four days since your passing.
Why did you do it?
What did it feel?
Was there a squish or a thud,
Tears on your eyes or maybe a smile on your face
Proclaiming – “It is all over”.

You made headlines.
an inconvenience to some
as they struggled to find a way home
while you found yours
with your brains out on the floor.
I had hoped to have seen your thoughts –
the whys.
but I’m just like everyone
reading your fate – a full grown man
on a small sized screen
I would mourn for you – stranger
but I’m left to React, Like and Share
talk about your fate and then move on to the next post.

Four days later.
The station still smells of you.
You chose not to live.
Yet you live.
As I look down from the platform.
And ponder the same thoughts that you might have had.

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