Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

October 2020

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Photo credit: Kavyaa Suryaa (Redgrits)

A Bullet Finds a Home in My Head

By Kavyaa Suryaa (Redgrits)

A bullet finds its home in my head

A noose got one around my neck

The rest is unknown

Death is interested in me

It just wants a home

The body is dead but

The head stays hungry

This is a significant imbalance

All that aches has died

I look forward to extrude joy

And now I am completely alive

Uncertainty has dripped

And I cried as the horses died

This has been beyond me

Now that I have died

I am completely alive

A bullet stays safe from harm

within my eye

Edition XXXXII

Untitled #25 - by Kaya SS (Photo by Kaya SS)Photo credit: Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

Untitled #25

By Kavyaa Suryaa (Redgrits)

 I internalize my reds
though they find their way out
through the pores of my skin –
each pore, with a voice like a mouth
that’s hungry, that roars and pours
the essence of survival,

do I have to crave life in the chapter of death to feel alive?

Drip by drip, I drip
unknowingly, in solitary,
drip by drip, only to anticipate self-destruction
drip by drip, to become half of who I was
drip by drip, I’ve dripped dry of I
and no one seems to notice the bloodless being
losing the essence of being, a being.

Edition XVII

Crystal Clear - by Kaya (photo by Kaya)Photo credit: Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

Crystal Clear

By Kavyaa Suryaa (Redgrits)

you see, my dear
I’m familiar- with
shedding a tear
and so my vision
is blurred, and
to me, the world
is not crystal clear

Edition XVIII

The Other Side - by Kaya (photo by Kaya)Photo credit: Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

The Other Side

By Kavyaa Suryaa (Redgrits)

The back and forth pace 
behind the seal to individuality 
a blurred plastic vision of a 
mystery that could be joy 
or utter sadness that maddens 
or utter madness that saddens 
the very soul of the soul and 
the only spark that lives within 
this state of mind, now may 
remain or may not, on the 
other side

Edition XX

Layers of a Lie - by Kaya (photo by Kaya)Photo credit: Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

Layers of a Lie

By Kavyaa Suryaa (Redgrits)

Clear layers on my eye
each possess a soul that
once lived exposed, just to die
the blood of the layer
attracted to guilt,
left the layers soul
to crumble and drift

each layer, gone, in a blink
they vanish, to the past
to a place where the life
we used to live cannot be unseen

now you have nothing
but a naked eye
exposed, just to die
now you have nothing
but a naked eye
that lived layers of a lie

Edition XXI

Feet - by Kaya (Photo by Kaya).jpgPhoto credit: Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)


By Kavyaa Suryaa (Redgrits)

I could feel the tension
I could feel all the blood in me
settling to the bottom, within my feet
my feet, now red, under pressure
pulling me down, I could not seem
to fight the weight that was
pulling me down, down and down

my feet now full, now red, like a bucket
full of water, ready to spill, ready to give way
my feet now ready to burst and set free
the tensed blood for once and for all

Edition XXX

Miss inhu'man' - by Kaya (photo by Kaya)Photo credit: Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

Miss inhu’man’

By Kavyaa Suryaa (Redgrits)

9pm, 10pm, 11pm, 12pm
I want to reverse time
12pm, 11pm, 10pm, 9pm
and – i crave to reverse time
9am, 12pm, 10pm, 1pm
stop – now nobody move
just look – just look as
I lay like stale food,
waiting to poison you
under your consent,
you, the person I speak to,
the person I see – as I stare
into the mirror
you – you stale food
I stare at you – I know you, Miss inhu’man’
“Miss inhu’man'”
Men and women to the world
Men and women of the world
stare into mirrors, I’ll come through
like stale food – stale food into the mirror
flies around me, now buzz buzz buzz
give me company, within this solidarity
I see you, I see me in you
I am the men and the women around me
I am my stale food
I eat myself off the ground
the flies like audience,
they buzz buzz buzz like an applause
I consume and I consume and I consume – my reflection
my reflection – I present to you again Miss inhu’man’
the person – the performer –  in the mirror – in the crowd
as I continue to feast and feast
until the last of me
the flies, buzz and buzz
as I lay, as I screech
the last sound in me

Edition XXXV

Photo credit: Kaya SS


By Kaya SS

A thousand paper cuts

to hollow lungs- a void

mass loss of blood to blue

like blue crabs cricketing through

the red ocean

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