Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

Edition XVII

Crystal Clear - by Kaya (photo by Kaya)Photo credit: Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

Crystal Clear

By Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

you see, my dear
I’m familiar- with
shedding a tear
and so my vision
is blurred, and
to me, the world
is not crystal clear

Edition XVIII

The Other Side - by Kaya (photo by Kaya)Photo credit: Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

The Other Side

By Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

The back and forth pace 
behind the seal to individuality 
a blurred plastic vision of a 
mystery that could be joy 
or utter sadness that maddens 
or utter madness that saddens 
the very soul of the soul and 
the only spark that lives within 
this state of mind, now may 
remain or may not, on the 
other side

Edition XX

Layers of a Lie - by Kaya (photo by Kaya)Photo credit: Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

Layers of a Lie

By Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

Clear layers on my eye
each possess a soul that
once lived exposed, just to die
the blood of the layer
attracted to guilt,
left the layers soul
to crumble and drift

each layer, gone, in a blink
they vanish, to the past
to a place where the life
we used to live cannot be unseen

now you have nothing
but a naked eye
exposed, just to die
now you have nothing
but a naked eye
that lived layers of a lie

Edition XXI

Feet - by Kaya  (Photo by Kaya).jpgPhoto credit: Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)


By Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

I could feel the tension
I could feel all the blood in me
settling to the bottom, within my feet
my feet, now red, under pressure
pulling me down, I could not seem
to fight the weight that was
pulling me down, down and down

my feet now full, now red, like a bucket
full of water, ready to spill, ready to give way
my feet now ready to burst and set free
the tensed blood for once and for all

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