Karim Magdy

Edition III

Fake Reflection - by Karim Magdy (photo by Rachel Chisholm)Photo credit: Rachel Chisholm 

Fake Reflection

By Karim Magdy

You’re standing there, tell me what you see,
You, yourself and everything you used to be,

A reflection of a man who was once there,
Now they’re two, staring at the same stare,

Twisting the image in a way you want to,
Seeing everything you were, not everything true,

You saw what you hated and hated what you saw,
The image faded, and the picture is wider than you can draw,

Memories and flashbacks slowly pouring back,
Even the mirror begins to crack…

It begins to play its role as a conscience,
Telling you who you were in your long absence,

You’re blinded by the heavy mist, your actions are of a sinner,
After using your fist, there was nothing there but a broken mirror,

A broken reflection of what’s outside,
But a clear image of everything inside,

Your eyes tainted with regret, stained by the hate you once stored,
Held on to nothing sacred, not even your Lord,

The patterns have changed, your life is completely reversed,
You’ve become deranged, your sanity, completely dispersed,

The dreams you once held on to, turned to nightmares,
Now you can see through, through the happy man in despair,

You finally look below, nothing there but broken pieces of glass,
Up is all you know, it’s all gone, nothing to relapse,

You step on them and feel no pain,
You look through them and feel the same,

You tried to see who you really are,
But once you held them, it left you with the biggest scar,

So you look one last time and nothing remains,
But the sore sorrow eyes that are filled with pain,

Betrayed by your own self, the worst kind of deception,
And all you see in the mirror now is a fake reflection.

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