Johnny Chbat

Edition XXXII

Hard-Headed Death - By Johnny Chbat (Photo by David Taffet)Photo credit: David Taffet

Hard-Headed Death

By Johnny Chbat

Nobody dares to say: “Die”
and I advance to myself all sorts of preexisting pretexts like:
“I can’t die now for there are lots of things of which I still have to take care of”
“Die?” Damn I clown a lot to defeat death!
Defeating death
is not heroic
An enlivening rush? perhaps
for when you faint
you become that guy who tears his clothes and turns green
what’s his name?!
Hulk, yes big Hulk who feels
 electrical pain
a sickening strength
and is driven to such
 an amputated end
that longs for a sequel

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