Jean Teodoro

Edition X

chaos-by-jean-teodoro-photo-by-rachel-chisholmPhoto credit: Rachel Chisholm


By Jean Teodoro

There is chaos in her mind,
As if the universe has drawn upon
With collisions and great explosions
Mind at times,
Distinctly wonderful
With all the sparkles and glows,
Dancing gracefully in the spotlight
Yet at times,
Darkness and despair
Like all the stars turned dead
To tired to give even a hint of light
Destructively desperate,
With flooding tears,
Ending in inconsolable sobs
Still a random ray of hope and love
Will hold her head high
Stirring up the heaven in her eyes
With all the chaos in her mind.

Edition XI

jealousy-by-jean-teodoro-photo-by-cristian-newmanPhoto credit: Ismael Nieto


By Jean Teodoro

Swollen eyes,
I might have cried that much
Mind has been tired,
Running with thoughts out of doubts

Wanted to scream, 
Cast these unwanted feelings
Hatred and pain,
Breaking the silence of purity

Questions in my head
Don’t know how or when to ask
Yet, not sure if I will believe
Any words that will be revealed

Creating walls high enough
For others not to see, nor climb
Am I exceeding that much?

Edition XIII

blindness-by-jean-irish-teodoro-photo-by-matt-fortunePhoto credit: Matt Fortune


By Jean Irish Teodoro

Someday, I may not able to see myself on the mirror
I might not finish reading every single book I kept on my shelf
I might not be able to draw or paint all the pictures in my head
Nor could I write and type the thousand words weaving
I might not see how the sun touches the ground anymore
How its face peeks through the leaves of the trees
As it spreads, its rays touching the ground
I may no longer climb mountains and see the world from above
These eyes, as they are slowly taken away from me
One day, I will lose them completely
And I might learn to embrace the darkness that awaits me.

Edition XV

The Moon Above Us - by Jean Teodoro (photo by Kevin Sebastian)Photo credit: Kevin Sebastian

The Moon Above Us

By Jean Teodoro

On a clear dark night,
The moon shines so bright
Gazing upon us,
Lighting up the sorrow that never last

Admiring how it bestows,
The beauty of its glow
And the way that it speaks
To a heart that never sleeps

Standing out,
From this life’s lonely crowd
Staring at it as the memories fly
With thoughts so wild that made me smile

This stillness and calm,
My soul’s solace found
Wishing yours could see it too
From the other side, like the way I do.

Edition XVI

Sadness - by Jean Teodoro (photo by Clem Onojeghuo)Photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo


By Jean Teodoro

At times, it just seems too much,
Your wound keeps on bleeding,
And you can no longer hold your tears back

At times, you felt just too weak,
No hopes can bring you up,
Like the world has been too empty to hold you

Faces will come and go,
They’ll watch your broken eyes
But they understand not your agonizing heart.

Edition XVII

Lost Souls - by Jean Teodoro (photo by Natheer Halawani)Photo credit: Natheer Halawani

Lost Souls

By Jean Teodoro

Humming birds, swaying trees,
Floating clouds within the breeze
Beyond the lake, grow daffodils,
That every heart’s delight fulfills

I wonder why these not satisfy,
A tormented heart that walks on by
With thoughts that linger in distant past,
Sweet and bitter memories buried deeply into dust

Tears tremble in her face,
As the river flows with haste
Tearfully recalling, reminiscing every smile
As she kept on repeating “I’ll be back” in sigh…

Edition XIX

Tick Tock - by Jean Teodoro (photo by Tristan Colangelo)Photo credit: Tristan Colangelo

Tick Tock

By Jean Teodoro

The clock ticks,
Letting things pass
Without sense of remorse
Sounds of rushing,
On the path we are moving
Hearts beat to the rhythm they sing
Things so swiftly,
They will come,
And they will go
Leaving the present,
As tomorrow’s past
So live our lives,
To the fullest that it takes
Memories to create,
Not regrets, nor pain
Smile and let it go
Stand up and move on,
Because time would never stop,
Even if you wish to turn it back.

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