Jane Stark

Edition XVII

Untitled - by Jane Stark (Photo by Tarek Roumie)Photo credit: Tarek Roumie


By Jane Stark

You are different: pure and rare matter.
Your fresh mind makes my poems scatter
in the forms I will have to learn better…
Like a sound, that’s much more than its letter

Time is cruel and time is splendor.
If you think of me now, remember:
Love your dream, to what is surrender,
Strongest – is the one that’s tender!

Stay in lands of the honest choices,
stay, where sense of life is – senses,
stand the ground where friendship condenses
in the smiles and in the voices!

I am there for you, I am there.
Space is only one slice of chances.
Chances change, you will know once you dare.
I am there beyond circumstances.

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