James Macklin

Edition IX

whom-am-i-by-james-macklin-photo-by-matthew-wiebePhoto credit: Matthew Wiebe 

Whom am I

By James Macklin

Whom am I to speak?
The right of opinion has been given to each
Mental perfection and isolation is far reach
Society feeds us abominable propaganda 
Has us waiting on the media, TV and our favorite celebrity to teach

Individualism is no longer realism
If you don’t act like everyone else you’re not real and that kind of mentality got us stuck inside a real prison 
Being a modern slave isn’t real living 
I won’t even talk about the killing 
Cause if we stop being mental slaves we wouldn’t even be willing 

Don’t label me a conspiracy theorist 
I’m just speaking on what my soul is hearing

But whom am I to speak?
Not quite among the meek
But someone who has yet to reach his peak

So really whom am I to speak?
Someone who’s seen the best of both 
Lived the high life after coming off the streets

But whom am I to speak?
A loner with two mothers 
One that loves me like no other 
And another that left me like no other

Broken into a million pieces 
Feeling abandoned by God but still find it in me to believe in Mohammed and Jesus 
I claim no religion and I have my reasons 

But whom am I to speak? 
And for that I’ll shut my mouth and keep my thoughts hidden deep
Cause I am no one 
I am no one to speak

Edition X

dear-mankind-by-james-macklin-photo-by-nina-sharabatiPhoto credit: Nina Sharabati 

Dear Mankind

By James Macklin

Get away from me
I hate you
I despise your kind
Humans are vile destructive creatures
I want nothing to do with you
You condemn your own kind, you kill with no remorse
You judge with no knowledge
You speak and act with no contemplation
You seek what is beautiful and demolish every aspect with no compunction
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
You are everything I hate
You embody my aversion
You are the aim of my rage
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
But I see
I see the kindness
I see the passion
I see the endearment
I see the willingness to sacrifice one for another
I see the desire to help one another
I see the capacity for hope
With the little that I have
With the little I can
I love you
I love you
I love you 

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