Jacques Briam

Edition XXI

A Rhino's Plea - by Jacques Briam (photo by Jacques Briam)Photo credit: Jacques Briam

“On September 22, 2017, it was World Rhino Day, a day to celebrate all the rhinoceroses that exist on our planet, and to remember the dire situation that they face. As such, I wrote this poem to raise awareness about rhino poaching.”

A Rhino’s Plea

By Jacques Briam  (Founder of Wild About The Wild)

My skin is thick. My skin is tough.
But for a bullet, not tough enough.

I am worth more dead than I am alive.
It’s a sad reality, can my species survive?

My horn is my protection, but it’s also my demise.
Those who speak of its special powers are spreading lies.

They shoot me at night, and in daylight.
It doesn’t matter, as long as the money is right.

My face is hacked, brutalized.
My life is wasted, not valorized.

I am a rhino, and I am in my prime.
But at this point, it’s just a matter of time.

Poaching is rife in our present day,
and it’s up to you to lead the way.

Raise your voice, share my plight.
That’s one way to join the fight.

You see, my skin is thick. My skin is tough.
But without your help, it won’t be enough.

“More than 7,000 rhinos have been killed for their horns in Africa over the past decade. Most of these horns are sent to East Asia, where they are used in traditional medicine to supposedly treat a wide-range of ailments. However, rhino horn actually has no medicinal properties and their use in traditional medicine is fueled simply by beliefs. With the rise of Asia’s economies, rhino horn is also being purchased more and more as a simple status symbol.

Get involved in saving rhinos by raising awareness, donating to rhino conservation organizations, and by taking part in eco-tourism to see the beauty of a wild rhino in its environment!”

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