Ishan Zalpuri

August 2020

Hope of Freedom - by Ishan Zalpuri (Photo by Luca Tosoni).jpgPhoto credit: Luca Tosoni

Hope of Freedom

By Ishan Zalpuri

Long ago in a village
I saw a beautiful bird sitting in a cage
it seemed as if the bird was fake as it didn’t move
but if you looked in her eyes, you will presume
that she is crying for hope, reason to live but couldn’t express
as the courage of that bird was depressed

Days and nights passed by and she didn’t move or sleep
but one day another bird came to her and she moved
tweeting to each other through the bars of captivity
it seems as if the bird in the cage was reborn

the bird had found hope for life
and thus kept trying to escape
the flames of her courage were ignited
by the will of getting out

the morrow I looked at the cage and couldn’t believe my eyes
the bird was out in the moonlight of night
it couldn’t have been possible without the hope she got
from the other birds’ message of freedom

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