Irshad Azeez

Edition II

A Riposte to the Technorati - by Irshad Azeez

A Riposte to the Technorati

 By Irshad Azeez

If the King of Pop popped pills
just to make it stop,
what’s the worth of a crown?
Just let it drop.

What’s the worth of a crown
when power is handed up,
or when it’s just a hand me down.

It’s still the same old emperors. Just new clothes.
Same views. Just new roles.
Same bread broken among the same false messiahs – crumbs get thrown to the circus –
while Rome burns.

Picture, an infant squirming next to a cow’s carcass bursting with worms.
Picture, a hunter tracking a predator tracking an endangered pachyderm.
Picture, a spiritual cause being side-tracked by those who’ve hijacked the term.

Conditioning needs to be unlearned, no stone un-turned,
but when I step out to meet Revolution
all I find is Evolution
‘cos the R has left and moved to the suburbs.

For the privilege of optimism.
For a curated internet feed and a spin doctored vision.
Or better yet, a version. A truth aversion.
From digital pulpits preaching science and abundance like a sermon.
I mean how?

It’s still the same emperors. Just new clothes.
Same views. Just new roles.
Same bread, same false messiahs,
and as surely as the world turns,
Rome still burns!

And I’m catching flack for thinking like this,
like get back you pessimist.
I’m just trying to interject some perspective,
they won’t even leave a space for a parenthesis!

My friend Yogi says the way out is space.
My friend Amir says stay in the rat race, play it safe.
But I’m stuck on this evolution thing and unlearned conditioning,
wanting dignity for all
and wondering what that takes…

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