Ini Samuel

Edition XXII

Help! - by Ini Samuel (Photo by Nathaniel Tetteh)Photo credit: Nathaniel Tetteh


By Ini Samuel

We once lived in unity
peace, love and tranquility.
Clothed with integrity,
wisdom and culture filled with serenity

Our landscapes were covered with green
surrounded with oceans, rivers and streams…
We laughed and played like kids in paradise
the sun rising and setting before our eyes

The flowers blossomed, radiating in beauty
the wind sang and the trees were busy
the leaves clapped and the birds flapped
our destinies were wore on our heads like caps

Each day was rhythmic
singing and rejoicing
to the sound of nature’s music
so sweet was the melody
like an orchestra playing a symphony

But suddenly… silence filled the air
and peace was exchanged for fear.
Darkness covered the light
in terror we took flight

Pandemonium was the order of the day
the land was left in complete disarray.
Chaos swept our land
bitterness and sorrow took the upper-hand

Now we toss and turn
our people gone, never to return.
Our lands once inhabited by faith
is left bare, sour and desolate

Help! Where is our hope?

Help! We need the pope!

Help! Where is our tomorrow?

Help! Our dreams are dying!

Help! Our youths are crying!

Help! We need salvation!

Help! For our people and the nation!

Help! There is aggression!

Help! We suffer depression!

Help! There is no sound of laughter!

Help! … This is a cry for Africa.

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