Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed)

Edition XXIII

Curtains - by Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed) (Photo by Tarek Roumie)Photo credit: Tarek Roumie


By Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed)

Like my ancestors of whales,
Underwater I’m still breathing,
Peaked my beak to feel the wind,
I was forced down by my worries,

With opened eyes in the night skies,
I traced the stars behind your face,
A flock of birds were flying east,
By your hands I felt my wings,

Stretched them through the water then,
And started flying to the moon,
Shook my feathers off their fear,
In your trust I found comfort,

Giggles, nonsense, silence,
Gravity wondered how we soar,
Music, desert, spaces,
The time ran out, tomorrow started,
The cage locked, the curtains closed…

Edition XXIV

Tree-ts - by Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed) (Photo by Bryan Minear)Photo credit: Bryan Minear


By Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed)

The rocks beneath my feet,
Like roots, extending my belonging,
The sand in my horizon,
A magic carpet, takes me to places,
The mountains, the clouds,
Can’t trace the dividing lines,

Infatuated by the birds,
Their freedom,
I shall have wings like yours,
I shall claim that blue sky,

Experiencing that sunrise,
Though your eyes, were still closed,
Time and spaces just collide,
In her presence the colors shine,
The trees smile, we should too…

Edition XXVII

Gozum - by Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed) (Photo by Luke Brasswell)Photo credit: Luke Brasswell


By Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed)

I know these pair of eyes, I have seen them somewhere before
For they’re our eyes that tell our story
Stretched when we smile, tighter when we fake it

I got lost in them years ago, as deep as a moonless night sky
Found no clue to follow, returned back asking for more
Pour your emotions in them; nothing here to hide

Gaze into mine once more, do you see the child in me?
Curious about this world, longing for another chance,
Raising more questions about life, the stars, our hearts,

Inquisitive yet innocent, left to the old man I have become
I’ll be back in your eyes
I’ll read your soul through them,
Shall be drunk in your tales…

Edition XXVIII

Moonless - by Henzo (Photo by Eric Ward)Photo credit: Eric Ward


By Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed)

Started writing for the moon, but failed
The darkness around it trapped my words and senses,
distracted by the stars instead, I wondered
how darkness works its way through our souls

Moonlit was the poem to be called
but sadness filled my lines and anchored my thoughts
How may I write about his strength,
when he’s jailed in the midst of blackness?

I sought the morning, the time she shines,
I called the stars to end the night,
summon the energy, it’s the time to dawn

We’ll gather every bird there is,
the clouds, the sky in blue and the breeze
Darkness will be brought to its knees,
will surrender sadness,
shall call it a new life and a new day…

Edition XXXI

Me, The River - by Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed) (Photo by Ayah Ballout).pngPhoto credit: Ayah Ballout

Me, The River

By Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed)

Did I stream or have I fallen?
Through your veins, I dug my banks,
flowing in and out your heart
taking control of your senses

Extend your rays and touch my surface
for in your presence I feel warm,
wash your eyes, it’s picture perfect,
in their reflection, I know who I am

With your arms, reach my heart,
when you are absent it’s night and dark,
sit and spend your time with me,
Me, the river,
and you are my sun…

Edition XXXIV

I - We - by Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed)  (Photo by Hakim El Haj)(1).jpgPhoto credit: Hakim El Haj

I – We

By Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed)

I, for a better word to describe it
Am, for explanation
Where all the roads have met
When smiles, tears and fights lost meaning

I, bare naked and my back against the wall
Have, for memories not regret
Touched the sun that burnt my face
Called upon the morning in its beautiful blue gown

We, walked the path as it was drawn
Survived the dawn with the mystery it brings
Sailed the rivers and the seas
For love was once a destiny

In a world where all the wolves dressed in sheep
Truth is what I sought
Opened my wings towards the sky
For may I, say it once more;

I shall exert every breath for a better world
I will stare normal and comfort in the eye
Will carry the flag of life and love
Shall call the universe our own…

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