Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed)

Edition XXIII

Curtains - by Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed) (Photo by Tarek Roumie)Photo credit: Tarek Roumie


By Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed)

Like my ancestors of whales,
Underwater I’m still breathing,
Peaked my beak to feel the wind,
I was forced down by my worries,

With opened eyes in the night skies,
I traced the stars behind your face,
A flock of birds were flying east,
By your hands I felt my wings,

Stretched them through the water then,
And started flying to the moon,
Shook my feathers off their fear,
In your trust I found comfort,

Giggles, nonsense, silence,
Gravity wondered how we soar,
Music, desert, spaces,
The time ran out, tomorrow started,
The cage locked, the curtains closed…

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