Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed)

Edition XXIII

Curtains - by Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed) (Photo by Tarek Roumie)Photo credit: Tarek Roumie


By Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed)

Like my ancestors of whales,
Underwater I’m still breathing,
Peaked my beak to feel the wind,
I was forced down by my worries,

With opened eyes in the night skies,
I traced the stars behind your face,
A flock of birds were flying east,
By your hands I felt my wings,

Stretched them through the water then,
And started flying to the moon,
Shook my feathers off their fear,
In your trust I found comfort,

Giggles, nonsense, silence,
Gravity wondered how we soar,
Music, desert, spaces,
The time ran out, tomorrow started,
The cage locked, the curtains closed…

Edition XXIV

Tree-ts - by Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed) (Photo by Bryan Minear)Photo credit: Bryan Minear


By Henzo (Mahmoud Rashed)

The rocks beneath my feet,
Like roots, extending my belonging,
The sand in my horizon,
A magic carpet, takes me to places,
The mountains, the clouds,
Can’t trace the dividing lines,

Infatuated by the birds,
Their freedom,
I shall have wings like yours,
I shall claim that blue sky,

Experiencing that sunrise,
Though your eyes, were still closed,
Time and spaces just collide,
In her presence the colors shine,
The trees smile, we should too…

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