Haroon Tahir

A marketing executive by day and lifestyle blogger by night, I’ve always sought to express myself through writing and music. In an age where we are overdosed on content, I find solace in the simplicity of verbal expression with poetry being the strongest form. I’m inspired by my literary heroes Elif Shafak, Mohsin Hamid and Omar Sabbagh.

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Edition II

The Art of Letting Go - by Haroon Tahir

The Art of Letting Go

By Haroon Tahir

You heard it in those breakup songs on the radio
You heard it in those little tales your friends told
But no one really told you
How letting go feels like.

Those fleeting memories become a back-breaking boulder- hard to carry but difficult to just drop
Those coffee shops are a ghost town, haunting you with the remnants of the little joys you shared
Those friends turn to headless strangers
Those songs – they turn to soundless drones, gnawing at every end of your earlobes
Those posts – those odes to love – they just don’t exist anymore

Then you start to hate yourself.
You start to hate yourself for letting them in
You hate yourself for thinking that this could work
You hate yourself for stripping to your barest bone
You hate yourself for putting all your flaws on show
You hate yourself for letting your identities intertwine

But then, somewhere, somewhere down the line
You begin to see the light
You begin to see that loneliness is not that scary
You begin to see that you will be alright

Finally, you realize that maybe
Just maybe, you’ve mastered the art of letting go

Edition XVI

The Pen & The Sword - by Haroon Tahir (photo by Natheer Halawani)Photo credit: Natheer Halawani

The Pen & The Sword

By Haroon Tahir

“The pen is mightier than the sword”
They say;
But my words can’t save
The Syrian mothers
Freezing in the snowy haze
The bloodied bodies of schoolchildren
Who had just gone out to play
The helpless heroin addicts
Who have completely gone astray

My words are powerless
They can’t change
A broken man’s fate
They can’t rekindle
A flickering flame
They can’t alter the course
Of tides or rain

Hatred and war continues to rage
And blood continues to fall
But they still say:
“The pen is mightier than the sword”

Edition XXVI

Defeat - by Haroon Tahir (Photo by Felix Russell-Saw)Photo credit: Felix Russell-Saw


By Haroon Tahir

So if you think
playing the victim
will make you win

then I’ll happily
to your petty victories

If spewing hollow lies
will conceal
your countless sins

then I’ll gladly
take the burden
of your heaving guilt

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