Hanoof Sayeed

Edition XVIII

Nabra - by Hanoof Sayeed


By Hanoof Sayeed

Nabra wore glasses
I want to know what her power was
I wear glasses too 
Quite high in number
And I keep adjusting them
When rushing through dark parking lots
For if I was ever cornered 
My only weapon 
Would be my vision

To fight back 
I need to see the monster
To make 1a run 
I need to look for an opening
For my screams may go unheard
Or my voice might lump in my throat
As my world stops to spin

I often take my glasses off
When details only prick the eye
I welcome the blur
Where I dont see objects or faces
Only colors
A rainbow in disguise

I wonder 
If her glasses were knocked off
As she fought for her life
And the last thing that she saw
May not have been the monster
But red
The color of her own blood that night

But to me dear nabra
Your smile still shines bright
You are at peace now
You are pure
You are white

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