Abdelhakim Ibrahim

Hakim El HajI am a wandering poet and traveler fascinated with human nature and condition. I find muse in my very own anachronism and the reflection of our stories in this undefined aspect, lives and impression. For that reason I have self-published two poetry collections/books, “A Conversation with One of My Selves” and “Age of Arsonist” and contributed to a number of national and international conceptual art projects. 

On a separate note, I am an Architect by profession, based in Dubai. I spend my free time between watching oriental and experiential films, playing and listening to a list of eclectic “weird” music, reading, desert camping, exploring art galleries, meditating, walking and much more. 

I am very interested in collaborations, discussions and experimentations. Please feel free to contact me:
Email: captinhakim6@gmail.com
Telephone: +971 55 626 9045
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Edition XV

I Have No Name - by Hakim El Haj (photo by Felix Russell-Saw)Photo credit: Felix Russell-Saw

I Have No Name

By Abdelhakim Ibrahim

But I speak to her image
The idea of her
We speak in hints
The sacred language of the whole wide cosmos
Hints, nothing but signs
When she decides to be silent
She speaks loudly
And I know how to listen
And this is my catastrophe above all.

When she vanishes, willing to disappear
She sweetly drifts into fear
But I am the unknown, and I befriended fear!

I see you in everything, “love” can’t you see?
I just don’t claim it loudly

In this great nothingness
We are the nature of dust
Just feel our deep intensity
You will hear silence
and you will see darkness clear
This is nothing but natural tempestuous love

My little darling
My only dear
Untie your thoughts, they are illusions
Say it to me
And do not fear
I told you, I have no name.

Edition XXI

Chimeras and Cell - by Hakim Elhaj (Photo by Hakim El Haj)Photo credit: Abdelhakim Ibrahim

Chimeras and Cell

By Abdelhakim Ibrahim

It occurs every little while

Phantoms, goats, and breeze

The myth is half asleep

Its pores are open to receive

Hungry to melt down a spell

 Rooted on Earth

Ready to be seen

It occurs every little while

Submit to its demands

It’s a bird made of sand

With a cold wooden grip

That knows how to hold a fruit

In its tiny hand

Feel it

No need to understand

Edition XXIII

- by Hakim El Haj (Photo by Hakim El Haj)Photo credit: Abdelhakim Ibrahim


الشاعر عبد الحكيم إبراهيم

بائس من يقع في عشق سيدة السيدات
بائس من يقع في حب السمراء
بائس من لا يراها بحقيقتها الكونية الجميلة
حالمة، هادئة، صاخبة
ترتدي الدانتيل الأسود
و يرتديها الحزن

كلنا بائسون يا صاح
و بؤسنا يختلف
لكن بؤسي الآن سرمدي
يؤرقني عشق خرافي
فأنا غارق حتى النخاع
أنا لست أنا 
في حب العنود
في صوتها
في عقلها
في عينها، السر، الكستناء

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