Hafsah Khan

Edition IV

My UAE, Our UAE - by Hafsah Khan


By Hafsah Khan

Today is the day it all began,
The country that was all desert, 
Slowly began to advance.

We came and we experienced,
The unique determination of this nation.
To move forward, to stay strong
And to acquaint the region 
With our great ambitions.

So we stayed and we helped,
Our nation reach greater heights.
We fell in love with this country,
And never felt deprived, 
Of our families back home 
And the love we’ve left behind.

This nation has proven to be,
The best of its kind.
And has given us the opportunities,
That most struggle to find.

Today we celebrate our unity,
And pray that all stays the same.

Edition XII

war-by-hafsah-khan-photo-by-quino-alPhoto credit: Quino Al


By Hafsah Khan

What has our world come down to?
Why have the perils of war started to look like the oceans blue?
A situation we have become so accustomed to,
that now no one even bothers to try and seek the truth.
You promised us you’d solve it soon,
but then why are young children still stuck at its root? 

The problem you created,
its solution you hide.
While the victims cry in vain,
you’re standing there in silence,
leaving their rights denied.

Under those countless layers of lies,
is there a human still alive?
Think about all those nations destroyed,
just for a moment, try and forget about your pride.  

Everyday men are recruited,
and prepared for war.
But is more bloodshed
really the answer to it all?

Is this what we want our world to be?
So broken, so shattered under all that debris.
It can be resolved, I still believe,
you just need to let go, and let them live freely.

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