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My name is Brigeddia Poet, am a spoken word artist, a ranger (a cop and a marksman), an environmentalist, an art lover, at times I get comical too and people confuse me for a comedian. 

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fishers-of-men-by-francis-odhiambo-onono-aka-brigeddia-photo-by-nina-sharabatiPhoto credit: Nina Sharabati 

Fishers of Men

By Francis Onono “a.k.a. Brigeddia”

It is in the gospel ‘Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men’
Turn to me and follow the true ways, by that you will use my words,
And my words will fish on your behalf,…
For you are the bait, and by my string I will hold on the bait and many men will cling on the bait that doesn’t hurt.
For it is in the scriptures, ‘Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men’

Scribble the words of the holy book and be the champion
Smear the wise words of my book and call it your lotion
It is important you use these words, words that bite without teeth,
Words that sinks deeper than swords,
Swords that cut without the flow of the blood
Real words, pure words, good words, happy words
Words that can never curse, words like blessings, prayers, peace, mercy, forgiveness, immaculate, joy
Words that flow into your arteries, capillaries, into your plasma,
Words that can make life easy and simple

Accept your weaknesses, admit and turn them to your strengths,
Keep listening and keep analyzing, synthesize before you speak,
Fish and make your records every week,
And if they happen to hurt or insult you,
Remember the good words and never count how many times you forgive them.
Let them speak your language, and never forget to be humbled
For it is in the scriptures, ‘come follow me and I will make you fishers of men’

Remind them that the house of my father is wide open,
And the only men that will win into eternal life are already in
Those that smile and they mean it, full of joy on their faces,
Those that give wholeheartedly and give what belongs to them
Those that swallow pride and open their hearts wide to learn
Those that, are peaceful and never offensive,
Those that create a platform for friendship,
Yes, they are in, those that pray for you all the time and plead on your behalf
And by the way of the most high, we shall abide by the scriptures that states,
‘Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men’

Rub your past and tell them to do so, for it never dictates our future,
Future belongs to those that see it coming,
Be righteous, be generous and be simple.
By this, you will be simple and you will fish, and fish, and fish.
Concentrate on your faith, maximize in believing, and conquer your temptations,
Think and make wise decisions, credit when its due
Some will curse you, spit on you, backbite you, but the sweetest revenge for them is to forgive.
Forgive and forget, Open your mind like a book, speak your piece of mind,
Retreat when it’s necessary but never surrender,
Excuse them, pardon their thoughts, speak and keep speaking
Speak nothing less than the only truth, and not just truth, but the whole truth
For they will listen and when they listen, you will fish and fish and fish
For it is in the scriptures, come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.

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