Fayrouz Sadek

Edition IV

Words - by Fayrouz Sadek  (photo by Rachel Chisholm)Photo credit: Rachel Chisholm 


By Fayrouz Sadek

In a world where money is power 
I choose words to guide my life 
A land so filthy it needs a scour
Where beings live only to strife

Words may linger for a lifetime 
Same as a lover’s gentle kiss
Make a killer commit a crime
With his conscience lost in vast abyss 

Words can brutally shatter a heart 
Words have the power to destroy 
They can tear your whole world apart 
They can turn misery into joy

Words can bewilder the sane
Words can make one weep
They can cause so much pain 
That a man cannot even sleep. 

Words can hurt you to your core 
With no idea of what they mean 
You start looking for the exit door 
Yet there’s nothing to do but scream 

Words are more than missiles 
Words can strike one’s heart
They can leave you damaged 
When they pierce like a dart 

How could some letters make the world shake
The unbelievable power to build or break
A violent storm with souls to decimate 
Leaving you dead while still awake 

I dream my words would be my legacy 
A part of me to live when I’m gone 
So mankind knows it was my destiny 
To touch hearts from day to dawn

Edition VIII

Yours - by Fayrouz Sadek  (photo by Hieu Le)Photo credit: Hieu Le


By Fayrouz Sadek

They say time helps you heal 
Scars and wounds would disappear
Your body once more starts to feel
Turns out nothing they say is real

Your soul aches for their existence 
Your body trembles at their touch 
All what’s stopping you is the distance 
Asking yourself why you loved so much?

Having flashbacks of how it started 
Drowning in your eyes for the first time 
Because of you my soul departed 
And wanting you will always be a crime 

I want you to feel me in your veins 
I want to be your favourite hiding place 
To conquer this life as it rains  
To leave a mark, to leave a trace 

I crave the delicious indecent lust
You surrender your body, an act of trust
Let me give you a gift of promised pleasure 
One so rare, one you can’t measure 

What’s a life if you don’t love so deeply?
A hollow ghost is what you’ll be
And fear of emptiness wakes you from your sleep 
Then the passionate eyes you can no longer read

How can the presence of a soul give you hope?
Make your heart pulse, It’s rebirth 
Slowly with darkness you would learn to cope
Help you realise what you’re worth 

I pray that one day it feels right 
Either to give up or hold on tight 
Words inside me I can never write 
In another life, our future would be bright

Edition XI

identity-by-fayrouz-sadek-photo-by-cristian-newmanPhoto credit: Ismael Nieto


By Fayrouz Sadek

A little girl with a heart full of life 
Crawls into this world with dreams so wild 
Take my hands, I may be your light 
If only I had more time as a child 

The dark wings of night enfolded 
Here’s my head, purge out my nightmares 
They lied. Saying this life can be molded 
I’m begging please, light my way with flares

I always see them passing me by 
Shadows of friends looking me in the eye 
With every loss a piece of my soul dies
And sour memories leave my body dry

In my country, I’m labelled ‘mad’
Locked in the asylum inside my mind
They’ve broken my soul, trust me I’m glad
I can’t feel pain even if I tried

I drowned my sorrows in the deepest of oceans
I finally began to feel
Seized the key to unlock all emotions 
That I became something real

I found my purpose in the souls of others 
Stitching wounds for shattered hearts 
Cleansing spirits, replacing mothers
Found my identity as a new lifetime starts

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