Fatma Al Marri

Edition XXVIII

Starfish - by Fatma Al Marri (Photo by Felix Russel Saw)Photo credit: Felix Russel-Saw


By Fatma Al Marri

Remember when you wanted to discover the untouched oceans?
The deep waters?
I asked you how starfish die
and you did not know
I saw them drown
on shore
like you drowned me in water
I wish starfish could swim on shore
and I could breathe water

Edition XXXIII

Disruption - By Fatma Almarri (Photo by Hans Eiskonen).jpgPhoto credit: Hans Eiskonen


By Fatma Almarri

A program
was designed
for the machine
to abide
through the commands
that were typed
in the handbook

It was written
“Follow carefully
before ignition”

It came equipped
with chains and conditions
for on its own it learns
and disrupts

That was all that was written

Although it obeyed
and it listened
it burned
in its programmed condition.

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