Enesa Mahmić

Enesa Mahmic Artist Photo

Enesa Mahmić (1989) is a travel poetess, a member of PEN Center.

She published 4 poetry collections. Her poems have been translated into German, Italian, Turkish, Slovenian, Albanian and Hungarian- included in several anthologies.

She won international awards for literature: Gold medal Neighbour of your shore 2017 as best immigrant poetry, Ratković Evenings of Poetry 2016 and Aladin Lukač Award 2016 for best debut book.

Edition XXVII

The Sisters - by Enesa Mahmic (Photo by Pablo Heimplatz)Photo credit: Pablo Heimplatz

The Sisters

By Enesa Mahmic

This is a poem for an Ethiopian woman
who sells fake Prada in the Italian streets
on a cardboard
Her 2-year-old son is asleep beside her legs
Otherness / Othering / Andersartigkeit
She has a large furrow on her cheek
      – Sharp blade, jealous partner
I saw fear in her eyes,
she is afraid of the police, afraid of the inspection
her eyes slip like otter
Right. Left. Right. Left
Right. Right. Right

This is a poem for a teenage girl who is wearing a T-shirt:
Feminism is a radical notion that women are people.
Girl, I see your insecurity

I understand your anger

This is a poem for a Pakistani woman
who has been raped just because
she wore a short skirt;
for a woman who has been punished for disobedience.

This is a poem for women’s daily struggles.

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