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Eman El ShaikhAn artist, writer, and teacher, I want to chase the good, the beautiful, and the true in every place. I’m interested in memory and narrative, trying to piece together the stories that surround me before they succumb to forgetfulness.

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Edition XIV

e3tezar-sorry-by-eman-el-shaikh-photo-by-ahmad-minawiPhoto credit: Ahmad Minawi

E3tezar (Sorry)

By Eman El Shaikh

I want to apologize
for the way I leave for days
the times I find you strange and indecipherable
and relinquish my eyes
to other contours.

Deep in that visceral place where you live
I feel ashamed
about the way I live as an itinerant
between you and other things.
And yet you always return to me
in a dream, a hymn, a verse

always still forgiving, giving
more than I can receive.

This wound
does not fail to translate.
It is here always, unhealing
for I am always giving birth
to my mother tongue.

I have an elegy in my bones
that I need to write
but first I must remember my lament
or find it again.
For years my song has waited, pregnant
the first notes repeating:
يا عربي
بحاول أفتكر
مع إنّي عمري ما نسيت

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