Edition XVII

May 2017

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Perdition - by Chloe Elliott (photo by Felix Russell-Saw)Photo credit: Felix Russell-Saw


By Chloe Elliott

take all that is mine and gorge on my bones
fill your heavy soul in watershed         light
this is all I have to give this empty worded hollow crowding
take it all and she who is           tendons           and helix ribcages coughing up perjury
she who has been tethered and stitched and flung through window
against the great protest of stammering glass    we repent our own murderers
I have died 4 times and in each I picture you more clearly
the spirits melted          into thin air and
most tragic of all her pruning   skin

purpling in the sunlight like a dream dissolving 

Conflicts of the Heart - by Reham Yeshar (photo by Felicia Simion)Photo credit: Felicia Simion

Conflicts of the Heart

By Reham Yeshar

The pure hearted I was told I am
But look closely and you’ll see a scam

There is a white chalk line in my mind
Like the oceans that have’nt intertwined

Can a soul be split in two?
Or is it all me all along? 

The trail of steps I left, some were bright and some were dead
Can an angel have ripped wings and a red halo above their head? 

I was created to love not to hurt
To clean their hearts from the dirt

But all I do is tame my ghoul and take the blame
It wasn’t me, or maybe it was. It’s all the same

Can a soul be split in two?
Or is it all me all along

Is it all me all along? 

Silence - by Sofia Sacre (Photo by Li Yang)Photo credit: Li Yang


By Sofia Sacre

Silence does not exist in this world

It can never be quiet
It can never be still

You see my love
Silence does not exist
The water, it speaks to us

The wind replies back
A conversation is born
A Conversation exists

It’s noisy, it’s loud

Listen well,
Your thoughts, your ideas, each has a sound

A unique sound

To you,
Is it music, is it noise?
Im speaking to you!

It’s overwhelming the noise
It’s everywhere, sounds, music, notes
Music – what is music?

The River Flow

Everything is music, everything is noise

Edge of Your Love - by Archana Shivmani Rao (Photo by Mary-Ellen Greenwood)Photo credit: Mary-Ellen Greenwood

Edge of Your Love

By Archana Shivmani Rao

A quaint coffee shop,
just us and the half-eaten sandwich.
A trail of fading thoughts
akin to the white line of smoke
left by a passing jet plane in the sky.

Bridges of snow
between our chairs.
Suddenly a rainbow of my sighs
vaporize the pause.
The words unsaid
still hang in your breath…

Our journey is golden.
But for the yearnings that is so mismatched.

Conception - by Biji Dominic (Photo by Ismael Nieto)Photo credit: Ismael Nieto


By Biji Dominic

Conceive your baby in your pure heart, 
during your conception time fill your mind with 
faithful and positive thoughts. 
If you have a faithful heart,
let it beat for fear of God. 
Conceive your poem with a pure heart, 
for a poem is first conceived in the heart.
Pen down your thoughts with a positive mind, 
your baby and poem may sublime one. 

Crystal Clear - by Kaya (photo by Kaya)Photo credit: Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

Crystal Clear

By Kaya (Kavyaa Suryaa)

you see, my dear
I’m familiar- with
shedding a tear
and so my vision
is blurred, and
to me, the world
is not crystal clear

Lost Souls - by Jean Teodoro (photo by Natheer Halawani)Photo credit: Natheer Halawani

Lost Souls

By Jean Teodoro

Humming birds, swaying trees,
Floating clouds within the breeze
Beyond the lake, grow daffodils,
That every heart’s delight fulfills

I wonder why these not satisfy,
A tormented heart that walks on by
With thoughts that linger in distant past,
Sweet and bitter memories buried deeply into dust

Tears tremble in her face,
As the river flows with haste
Tearfully recalling, reminiscing every smile
As she kept on repeating “I’ll be back” in sigh…

Empty Spaces - by Ann Lorraine Lames (Photo by Ajmal Cholakkal)Photo credit: Ajmal Cholakkal

Empty Spaces

By Ann Lorraine Lames

Empty Spaces, 
fill in the gaps 
but are the gaps worth filling, 
when spaces could be the best there is?

Empty Spaces, 
must we fill the void? 
when the spaces are meant
to breathe life to an otherwise teeming lot?

Empty Spaces, 
must I come here?
when it was deliberately left empty,
desolate, deserted. 

Empty Spaces
should I step out,
and never risk 
to step inside again?

Untitled - by Jane Stark (Photo by Tarek Roumie)Photo credit: Tarek Roumie


By Jane Stark

You are different: pure and rare matter.
Your fresh mind makes my poems scatter
in the forms I will have to learn better…
Like a sound, that’s much more than its letter

Time is cruel and time is splendor.
If you think of me now, remember:
Love your dream, to what is surrender,
Strongest – is the one that’s tender!

Stay in lands of the honest choices,
stay, where sense of life is – senses,
stand the ground where friendship condenses
in the smiles and in the voices!

I am there for you, I am there.
Space is only one slice of chances.
Chances change, you will know once you dare.
I am there beyond circumstances.

Clementine - by Jessica Yolanda (Photo by Felix Russell-Saw)Photo credit: Felix Russell-Saw


By Jessica Yolanda

Cinnamon apple; cinnamon,
Stuck in my throat; cinnamon,
Stones and sticks of cinnamon,
She tasted of
Sweet cinnamon,
I kissed then washed with cinnamon,
Heart aches; spice cinnamon,
Body frail like cinnamon,
Clementine with cinnamon,
Long hair shined; smell of cinnamon,
Ticks and tocks; stick cinnamon,
Orange locks; smell cinnamon,
My heart stops,
Her eye clocks,
Sweet cinnamon.

Cosmos within Us - by Zaheeda Parveen (Photo by Hafsah Malik)Photo credit: Hafsah Malik

Cosmos within Us

By Zaheeda Parveen

Looking up at the stars;
we wonder about the intensity of the cosmos that is beyond bars;
its limitlessness keeps us in awe
just to fathom the world beyond – the sheer vastness
when these thoughts arise, let our minds guess;
for nature holds the answers to the lessons we must learn;
this is what we yearn.

As we are also a part of nature; the highest form of mankind
how we let our minds wander away
that our very own seems astray?

to get back to where we must keep going
we must take time to ponder over
to learn from beings that considered “below” us
how beautifully synchronised they are minus our fuss.

with time I hope we all can get to this point
where we realise the cosmos are within
the unlimitedness of love we can feel therein

now we know how we are connected
for when we remind ourselves not to look at nature from a distance
we will then be “realised “in that instant.

Stinging Intimacy - by Trayle Kulshan (Photo by Clem Onojeghuo)Photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo

Stinging Intimacy

By Trayle Kulshan

I enjoy the warmth beneath
your purple cotton shirt
your double chin beneath
straight spiky hairs
your arm between
rough polyester
airplane seats.
I enjoy the stinging fear
of this surprising

Graveyard - by Mariyam Thahira (Photo by Ismael Nieto)Photo credit: Ismael Nieto


By Mariyam Thahira

“Life isn’t a bed”,
they said,
“of roses, red.”
“Instead,” I concluded,
“it’s a graveyard,
of souls.. dead,
absorbed in the activity
of destroying the rest,
of whatever humanity
is somewhat left.
For some people symbolise
They constantly crave
for corpses.”

A State of Melancholia - by Reetica Pattanayak (Photo by Ajmal Cholakkal)Photo credit: Ajmal Cholakkal

A State of Melancholia

By Reetica Pattanayak

It hits you
2:05 PM blue…
All of a sudden
and you don’t know what to do

The sun is gleaming
your thoughts; cascading
but what can you do?
To stop your mind and heart
from having this unplanned rendezvous

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