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October 2016

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visual-by-maynou-abraham-photo-by-greg-rakozyPhoto credit: Greg Rakozy


By Maynou Abraham

Tangible thought –
the typical intro;
a moment of reflection.
Philosophical conversation with my glass veil is ago,
I swear she’s the perfect audience lacking in cognition but excellent in reception,
shameless in anonymity and thoroughly content being one-dimensional,
an afterthought emerged from reverberating echoes,
rationalizing a fantasy through demented reality and an appeal to logos.
External concern expressed through intellectual opinion against a majesty outside the realm of scientific convention.

A slight ringing in my ear
the hazing of the eyes
my hand presses against the screen and a genie appears,
her technicolor smoke-screen muffles sound and blankets sight.
Far beyond my mortal boundaries I reach,
into the land of impossibilities ignorantly called “make believe”,
calling upon my polygonal masters from this pulpit I beseech
that your realm of tangible thought be opened to me,
allow me to apply my humble craft in hopes of conveying your magnificence to the world,
so that they too will experience your wonder
before they grow too old.


Summer Fades

By Samir Georges
(Author of the beautiful book “As I Write These Words”)

Summer fades
to my dreams it fades
drowsy as a sleepless thought.
In waking I rise, back turned
to heat my pale heart –
to face the dawn against the light

Such, I have known darkness
still reflections long cast on ripples
that flood these autumn dreams

So that when I fold these lids down tight
give calm my emptied, hallow sight
I yield my guard to foes unseen
a kiss so sweet, and death serene

It reminds me, of summer jasmine
where lips draw nectar in a drying grin
a portrait of me
pale and bare this misplaced tree.
I turn my back on death
beg my liege, bear my breadth
so that when my rest comes surging forth
faith casts my bark an etch in darkness
silent but for the prayer sharpened eye
burnt of all doubt beneath unborn sky.

real-colours-by-fadwa-sadek-photo-by-matt-fortunePhoto credit: Matt Fortune

Real Colours

By Fadwa Sadek

The canvas of her mind 
bright white and clean
before an artist with his brushes 
crept in unseen

Planting a few strokes 
got her flustered and confused
he gave a look full of pride 
but all she felt was abused

As the colours sank in 
she was more stained than painted 
drowned in his vision of art
that said “With thy demons get acquainted”

The lines went deeper
her fight was resolute
but his method was pure poison
that only meant to pollute 

He forced her soul to seem alive
but numb she was to the core
for her freedom she must strive
with a heart beaten and sore

Mistaking his work for her demise
he let out a deafening sigh
looking through those manic eyes
she deadly cringed but realized; 

Why must I give in 
when I can choose to realign?
You’ve had a few battles
but this war is all mine 

Losing his grip on the palette
for he’s no longer dominant
pushing through the cloth she screams
“I am your mighty revenant”

I will not stand your defilement 
I will no longer beg and plead 
to break me out of your confinement
I am my own masterpiece.  

fishers-of-men-by-francis-odhiambo-onono-aka-brigeddia-photo-by-nina-sharabatiPhoto credit: Nina Sharabati 

Fishers of Men

By Francis Onono “a.k.a. Brigeddia”

It is in the gospel ‘Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men’
Turn to me and follow the true ways, by that you will use my words,
And my words will fish on your behalf,…
For you are the bait, and by my string I will hold on the bait and many men will cling on the bait that doesn’t hurt.
For it is in the scriptures, ‘Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men’

Scribble the words of the holy book and be the champion
Smear the wise words of my book and call it your lotion
It is important you use these words, words that bite without teeth,
Words that sinks deeper than swords,
Swords that cut without the flow of the blood
Real words, pure words, good words, happy words
Words that can never curse, words like blessings, prayers, peace, mercy, forgiveness, immaculate, joy
Words that flow into your arteries, capillaries, into your plasma,
Words that can make life easy and simple

Accept your weaknesses, admit and turn them to your strengths,
Keep listening and keep analyzing, synthesize before you speak,
Fish and make your records every week,
And if they happen to hurt or insult you,
Remember the good words and never count how many times you forgive them.
Let them speak your language, and never forget to be humbled
For it is in the scriptures, ‘come follow me and I will make you fishers of men’

Remind them that the house of my father is wide open,
And the only men that will win into eternal life are already in
Those that smile and they mean it, full of joy on their faces,
Those that give wholeheartedly and give what belongs to them
Those that swallow pride and open their hearts wide to learn
Those that, are peaceful and never offensive,
Those that create a platform for friendship,
Yes, they are in, those that pray for you all the time and plead on your behalf
And by the way of the most high, we shall abide by the scriptures that states,
‘Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men’

Rub your past and tell them to do so, for it never dictates our future,
Future belongs to those that see it coming,
Be righteous, be generous and be simple.
By this, you will be simple and you will fish, and fish, and fish.
Concentrate on your faith, maximize in believing, and conquer your temptations,
Think and make wise decisions, credit when its due
Some will curse you, spit on you, backbite you, but the sweetest revenge for them is to forgive.
Forgive and forget, Open your mind like a book, speak your piece of mind,
Retreat when it’s necessary but never surrender,
Excuse them, pardon their thoughts, speak and keep speaking
Speak nothing less than the only truth, and not just truth, but the whole truth
For they will listen and when they listen, you will fish and fish and fish
For it is in the scriptures, come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.

you-had-me-by-arta-afshar-photo-by-oscar-keysPhoto credit: Oscar Keys

You Had Me

By Arta Afshar

Remember when you met me and my body was split open on the table?
I had apologized for the mess
but hadn’t figured out how to repack my guts.

I spent years with other hands in my chest.
Shoving and taking indiscriminately.
If that’s how they met you, they don’t know any better.

I’m pretty excited about the anesthesia wearing off.
I’ll take the pain of movement over paralysis any day.

It’s been a long time I haven’t seen the sun.
I tell stories from before because I don’t want to forget myself.
I have no boundaries because I was alive,
deferred agony and all that.
Shrugging back into my skin, picking up my guts, rearranging and trying to feel what works.

I don’t give a fuck if I’m not good looking to you;
I’ve lived through the death of myself.
No idea what’s coming next but I’m walking towards it,
I’ll be sprinting the second I’m strong enough.
I won’t let you waste my time. 


Black is Karma

By Joecool Lorenzo

The sun feels cold
It needs me to heat up
It needs me to speak up
I get on stage, and my mind flame up
Hands to the mic and my lips flare up
My brain becomes a volcano
Erupting lavas of truth
Lavas of pain, of police depriving us of our youth
And I cannot shut up
Silence becomes compromise
Bang! Bang!
Two Black bodies commercialize
Bang! Bang!
Police brutalize {brutal lies}
And the law roars in silence.
We seek no vengeance
We seek no War
“Black is karma,
We will even the Score”

chaos-by-jean-teodoro-photo-by-rachel-chisholmPhoto credit: Rachel Chisholm


By Jean Teodoro

There is chaos in her mind,
As if the universe has drawn upon
With collisions and great explosions
Mind at times,
Distinctly wonderful
With all the sparkles and glows,
Dancing gracefully in the spotlight
Yet at times,
Darkness and despair
Like all the stars turned dead
To tired to give even a hint of light
Destructively desperate,
With flooding tears,
Ending in inconsolable sobs
Still a random ray of hope and love
Will hold her head high
Stirring up the heaven in her eyes
With all the chaos in her mind.

dear-mankind-by-james-macklin-photo-by-nina-sharabatiPhoto credit: Nina Sharabati 

Dear Mankind

By James Macklin

Get away from me
I hate you
I despise your kind
Humans are vile destructive creatures
I want nothing to do with you
You condemn your own kind, you kill with no remorse
You judge with no knowledge
You speak and act with no contemplation
You seek what is beautiful and demolish every aspect with no compunction
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
You are everything I hate
You embody my aversion
You are the aim of my rage
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
But I see
I see the kindness
I see the passion
I see the endearment
I see the willingness to sacrifice one for another
I see the desire to help one another
I see the capacity for hope
With the little that I have
With the little I can
I love you
I love you
I love you 

beats-by-amit-karda-photo-by-christopher-campbellPhoto credit: Christopher Campbell


By Amit Karda

With all the belief and faith in my love for you I’ve been so vocal,
Talking here, describing there when I speak about you, I am never bifocal,

So the peace in my mind is jittered with your not so evident affection,
But after falling however many times, I always have felt the need for resurrection,

So I investigate into the heartbeats, which before knowing you were not so violent,
Feels like I’ve been waiting for so long now, but the answers are just so silent,

“Its all over” I shout at the violence inside me, and try to shut it off,
“Peace! Peace!! Peace!!!” I keep on chanting, but all it takes is a single thought of yours,

Which brings everything back to me, with much more intensity, that earlier seemed soft,
So I mention just to mention, I love just to love, nothing was a lie nothing was false

So my intent was to be intense,
I never designed the content to condense,

Little did I know, peace wasn’t just a way of chastity,
Like belonging to you wasn’t just a way to prosperity

It mattered more, more than it ever did to anyone I believe,
Still I ain’t with you love, yet alive, like I am forced to perceive,

So the point isn’t whether you’re there for me or you aren’t,
It is whether my heart still beats for you or it doesn’t!

pleiades-crush-by-trayle-kulshan-photo-by-jeremy-thomasPhoto credit: Jeremy Thomas

Pleiades Crush

By Trayle Kulshan

Black sky, full of stars and earths and us
flirting with seven arrows,
I was flying.
Orion’s gravity
a slight kiss, a blackhole grip
captured stars and earths and us.
Swip-swap-backward-falling down
I was hit and falling
Black earth, full of ferns and firs and us
decayed foxfire, tiny white and twinkling
grounded by seven arrows
I was kissing
his reflection in black dirt.

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