Edition III

March 2016

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A Piece of Mind - by Alaa Al Maliki

A Piece of Mind

By Alaa Al Maliki

It has been burnt in my mind
That broad back of yours
The aura that I could find
Between those backbone doors

Would you let me in?
Let me see your face
Let me fathom what’s within
The you without a trace

I hate the silhouette your back casts
Yet my eyes keep following it
Giving birth to a love that lasts
Forevermore in every bit

A ghastly love you granted me
Imprisoned me long ago
With stiff thorns that left me be
Yet kind enough to let me go

My eyes have read your back
Over and over again
Like a book’s hooking paperback
Driving me a load insane

I longed to reckon who you are
Waited for you to turn around
However, you stood so far
Whispered “A me is not found.”

Shock poured a cup of itself
Into the contents of my heart
Since you were but a mere self
From a piece of mind, a part.

Metaphor Tree - by Samir Georges (photo by Rachel Chisholm)Photo credit: Rachel Chisholm

Metaphor Tree

By Samir Georges
(Author of the beautiful book “As I Write These Words”)

Twiddling my thumbs you see
here beneath this metaphor tree,
just a few particles come to be
I’ve forgotten the rhythm, the rhyme, the one two and three
counting the turns, the seconds I am, twiddling free.

Twiddling my thumbs you see
dare I say thrice times, free, free, free
I am callous and jaded and utterly free
bathed in shackles as in light I have come to be
just a few particles hand in hand are me
a thought, a gripe, a moments glee
I am atom, I am tissue, I am man
I am she,
Adam and Eve, the seed, the tree.

Nero's Time - by Brody McGee (photo by Myriam Nehmeh)
Photo credit: Myriam Nehmeh

Nero’s Time

By Brody McGee

I thought you would have known
That the time had come, and flown
Now you’re bleeding out your ears
From what you tried to hear
And behind closed doors
Was the realization of all your fears.

You took your time out
With your dunce cap on
And the fear of the Religion
Kept your fever burning strong.
But the feelings they never left you
They were in the shadows of your mind
A conflagration of feelings
Reminiscent of Nero’s time.

The idea behind religion
Is having faith and having flaws
You don’t need no one to guide you
If you’ve got nothing to be forgiven for
So take the slow train out west my boy
Let the wood slats of those train tracks
Ease the anger from your heart
Feel it seep deep down to the earth
And leave a forgiving mark

Cause they’ll lead you with silence under spoken
Then they’ll cut you up with violence unprovoked
Confusion caused religion, looking for answers in the sky
Then applied structures and rudiments and rules for us to live by

Now I don’t know about you but to me
This whole situation seems just a tad bit silly
Cause spirit is to me
Everything I can see in the dark
And love is to me
What I can hear when your lips part
With thoughts left unthinking
Let’s trust our blood again
Let’s hear what it has to say and spread it out on the wind

Cause I thought you would have known
That the time had come and flown
Cause now you’re bleeding out your ears
From what you pretended not to hear
And behind those closed doors was the realization
Of all your fears

(Listen to Brody McGee on the harmonica, guitar and vocals performing this poem by clicking here)

Athazagoraphobia - by Jamil Adas (photo by Hind Adib)
Photo credit: Hind Adib (To explore “Hind’s World” click here!!)

(A morbid fear of being forgotten)

By Jamil Adas

From a kid to a man in a blink of an eye
Many tears I shed for every blink I cry
Hopeful dreams a second ago alive
A stagnant second later they die

Piercing through my heart the concept of time
How any moment could be the sound of my chime
To settle the body within dirt beneath stone
To become a soul with no body to hold

Pondering forever about what to do next
Next never came, I’ve rather grown perplexed
Like a queen in chess cornered and vexed
Blocked by its pawns; destiny is death

Without a rightful cause, goal or an aim
Finished off static; existence in vain
Phobia set sail to the heart through the veins
To force the world to remember my name

بقايا حب مسروق - by Nour Abughaida (photo by Matthew Wiebe UNSPLASH)
Photo credit: Matthew Wiebe

بقايا حب مسروق

الشاعرة نور أبو غيدا

بجعبتي الكثير الكثير
بجعبتي حكايا و أساطير
قررت أن أقصها عليكم
و لكن من بينها ما كان القلب له يميل
من بينها من كانت المشاعر له تلين

أفأبوح بسرٍ كان بداخلي يعيش
أم أبقيه بين ثنايا قلب حائر كله حنين
سأقص عليكم القصة
علّها تكن لكم عبرة

فالحب إن ذهب فإنه لن يعود
لن ينظر خلفه لن يكون مجدداً كما أردته أن يكون

فتاه في ملامحها يرقص ضوء القمر
في عينيها نجوم تتلألأ و ترقص الشهب
و على شفاهها مسك بلون العناب كأنه الشهد المنتظر

جمال عربي يأخذك معه بعيداً في كل ليلة ألف و ألف ليلة
يحملك بعيداً إلى دنيا الخيال إلى عالم جميل من نسج الأساطير؛
أحبته حبّاً جمّاً؛ أحبته و عرفت منذ اللحظة الأولى أنه هو المنتظر
أمّا هو فجماله لم يكن جمال بشر
جمال آلهة .. جمال إغريقي يبكي له الحجر

فقي عينيه تبحر ألف و ألف سفينة بلا رجعة بلا هيبة من الغرق
بشرة سمراء  تلمع فيها الشمس كالذهب
و شفاه فيها تدور الكلمات كدوران الأرض حول محورها
فيه من الجمال ما لم تر عين أبداً و فيه شهامة العرب

كان مقسوم لقاؤهما؛ مقسوم من فعل القدر
ولديه حب  يفوق حب كل البشر

دارت الأيام و انقضت و لم يهمس كل منهما بحرف قط
فكانت عيناهما تروي كل ما كان بينهما على مضض
ومن أصدق قولاً من كلام العيون؟
ففي حضرته تسكت كل الجوارح صمتاً مطبقاً لهيبة الحديث
فحديث هو قد قلّ .. لكنه صدق

حب يسرق وجوده من عقارب الساعة في موعد بين النظرات يسترق
أحبا بعضهما  بكل شيء .. أحبوا جمالاً  أحبوا إنساناً أحبوا روحاً و جسداً
و مرّت أيّام عدة تحولت إلى أشهر و كان كل ما بينهما يدور حول نظرات شغوفة
ابتسامات خجولة و سلام محدود كأنه كان ممنوعاً

ولكن القلب أبى و استكبر و للحب هذا استسلم
و إن كان لقائهما مسروقاً من الوقت خلسة .. مسروقاً من الوجع و الوحدة
مسروقاً من أمال كانت مع النجوم بعيدة المنال عنهما

ولكن هذا الحب كبر و استرسل و مع الأيام أصبح هو الأقوى

فكان هو بلسمها و رفيق وحدتها
كان الشفاء من مرض قلب تعب و مل من الألم
من روح تمزقت ظلماً أرهقت كبتا و ماتت حرقة
فكان لها خلاصاً كان لها حباً منتظراً كان لها أملاً  كان وعداً .. و قد تحقق

أمّا هو فقد وجد ضالته وجد ما تاه باحثاً عنه سنين عدة
فعلى طرفها وجد الأمان فكانت له الحب
أغدقته بالحنان المفقود فكانت لروحه الخلاص
فلم يعد تائهاً و لم يعد جثة بجسد إنسان

يسترق هو الحجج لرؤيتها أينما و حيثما كان
تبحث هي عنه بالأزقة و في كل الأركان

إلى أن أتى اليوم ذاك
اليوم الذي فيه أنشق القمر و سقطت النجوم
اليوم الذي احترقت فيه السماء

غاب عن عينيها أيام و أيام
بحثت عنه ولكن بلا حيلة
لم تجده و لم تسمع عنه شيئاً

حتى الآن

فشاء القدر أن يبعث لها هذا المرسال
شاء أن يخبرها بما كان
فلقد زفّ حبيبها
شهيد السماء

Fake Reflection - by Karim Magdy (photo by Rachel Chisholm)Photo credit: Rachel Chisholm 

Fake Reflection

By Karim Magdy

You’re standing there, tell me what you see,
You, yourself and everything you used to be,

A reflection of a man who was once there,
Now they’re two, staring at the same stare,

Twisting the image in a way you want to,
Seeing everything you were, not everything true,

You saw what you hated and hated what you saw,
The image faded, and the picture is wider than you can draw,

Memories and flashbacks slowly pouring back,
Even the mirror begins to crack…

It begins to play its role as a conscience,
Telling you who you were in your long absence,

You’re blinded by the heavy mist, your actions are of a sinner,
After using your fist, there was nothing there but a broken mirror,

A broken reflection of what’s outside,
But a clear image of everything inside,

Your eyes tainted with regret, stained by the hate you once stored,
Held on to nothing sacred, not even your Lord,

The patterns have changed, your life is completely reversed,
You’ve become deranged, your sanity, completely dispersed,

The dreams you once held on to, turned to nightmares,
Now you can see through, through the happy man in despair,

You finally look below, nothing there but broken pieces of glass,
Up is all you know, it’s all gone, nothing to relapse,

You step on them and feel no pain,
You look through them and feel the same,

You tried to see who you really are,
But once you held them, it left you with the biggest scar,

So you look one last time and nothing remains,
But the sore sorrow eyes that are filled with pain,

Betrayed by your own self, the worst kind of deception,
And all you see in the mirror now is a fake reflection.

Excess Baggage - by Adel Awad (photo by Rosan Harmens UNSPLASH)Photo credit: Rosan Harmens

Excess Baggage

By Adel Awad

If life were a rail-track, then I’m at a train station
And I sit here on a bench
One by one, I’ve seen them come and go, countless times
Nomads of a transient world
Different pages of my book
And as each train stops, they get off, weary and tired
Carrying their excess baggage
Often with scars and bruises of a journey so hard; visible in their faces

And if they choose to find me
Then I’ll pour my heart in a cup and present it
As a present for the present
Because the past may have been too harsh so I teach them to let it go
And let them know
That somebody out here cares, cares more than they can ever care
And let that be my source of pride, for they can never take that away, ever

While we sit together, exchanging our stories and adventures
Sharing our warmth, the sights of our souls
And tales of wonder, of wandering around the world
Oh, how I have traveled so much, by just sitting here at this bench

Wiser we become through trial and error
A few laughs, a few tears, a few moments worthy of reminiscence
I have witnessed them all and I must tell you
That love has no colour, language or accent
It will find its way and shine through
And in its purest form will solely intend to strengthen our spirits
And the strongest shall be those who have loved
Not once but endlessly

As the next train’s horn blares from the vicinity
We look at each other realizing that our time is over
Which may explain why I’ve become so bad at hellos and so good at goodbyes
Its time to let go once again, to forget another name
A final embrace
And they all have left, the same way, onto a different train
Back on their journey, onto a brand new page
With a lighter heart, renewed spirit and a wiser soul

And I still sit here at this bench, surrounded by the excess baggage they all have left behind.

Inferno - by Paniz Kimiaei (photo by Myriam Nehmeh)Photo credit: Myriam Nehmeh


By Paniz Kimiaei

She wouldn’t have thought he were a beast
yet she should’ve known.
It were those dark eyes,
that with each look every time
grew a shade darker.
It was the hand he offered her to follow,
the rhythm of his steps.
A god she thought he was
for his steps were modest
as if he were dancing on water.
Oh how fallacious she was.
If only she hadn’t been mesmerized by those dark eyes
she wouldn’t be swaying to inferno.

ولنا الحبّ والأمل - by Rand Abou Assaleh (photo by Ahmed El Tayeb)
الرسام أحمد الطيب

ولنا الحبّ والأمل

الشاعرة رند أبو عسلة

من عيوني تَهْطلُ الشام ُمطرًا
تَطرحُ عِشْقًا
لكلِّ حجرْ
لكلِّ زُقاقٍ مَشيته يوماً
تحتَ ضوءِ القمرْ
في عيوني تلمعُ المرآةُ
ليظهرَ طفلٌ حالمٌ
يحضنُ التراب و الشجرْ
على جلدهِ
يُزرعُ وطناً
لينبت َفي أحشائهِ
لله.. ما أقسى القدرْ
حينَ يذبَحُ الجمالُ
وتُصْلَبُ الحضارةُ
بتهمةِ الْوَثَنْ
في كلّ ذرّةِ ترابْ
في كلّ خليةٍ
غرسوا الحرابْ
جعلوا الشّامَ دموعًا.. ومآسي ..وعذابْ
حوّلوا الغوطة قفراً .. ويبابْ
لكنَّ نبض الحياةِ أقوى
من كلِّ أفكارِ الخرابْ
إنّ عشقَ الوطنِ أقوى
من كلِّ ساعٍ للدّمارْ
لهمُ الحقدُ، والتّخلفُ.. والجهالةُ مُسْتَترْ
الحبُّ .. والعرُ والوترْ
لنا الشّامُ .. والحياةُ لنا
ولنا الأمل

Questions - by Maarid Fazili

By Maarid Fazili

Do you see something you never saw?
Ate something you never thaw?
Weighed something very light?
Lost an argument with someone you couldn’t fight?
Tasted something you couldn’t digest?
Slept so much you had to rest?
Felt something you couldn’t explain?
Been in a relationship that was tough to maintain?

Gotten wet in a shower of rain?
Looked at someone happy, full of pain?
Salt on your paper cuts driving you insane?
Crying laughter in total vain?

Lived in style and show?
Had to pay a filthy hoe?
Received knowledge you didn’t know?
Grew a lawn you couldn’t mow?

Hurt someone weak?
Felt your pulse go bleak?
Carved a mask made from teak?
Found someone you didn’t seek?

Gave birth to a new born child?
Lived with animals from the wild?
Paid your taxes and got them filed?
Lost your investment and reconciled?

Called a friend who is in need?
Loved someone and planted the seed?
Tripped with a hippy stoned on weed?
Fueled a fire filled with greed?
Took the back seat and let others lead?

Then ask yourself,
Have you lived your life or merely passed it?

The Right Words - by Kokab S. Syed

The Right Words

By Kokab S. Syed

Night sky beats down all that was left in me
All is gone now and no more, nowhere to flee
What’s left unsaid may forever haunt you and me
Not only did you fail us, you chose not to see

Broken and shattered, the mirror of my heart
Shall tear down all doors, rise like a star
You’ll learn you were the black hole tearing me apart
I was always alone, you never played your part

You almost had me convinced I didn’t try hard enough
One day perhaps you’ll see, I always found it tough
All I needed maybe was your light to lead away
I just couldn’t tell you that, I never found a way

That which  I knew not, I couldn’t relay
What you wished to hear, I didn’t know how to say
You never knew I’d shine if you let me and I lost my way
I’d have shone by your side, if you’d wanted me to stay

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