Dominique Cachuela

Edition XVIII

Almost Midnight Suburban Thought - by Dominique Cachuela (Photo by Pujohn Das)Photo credit: Pujohn Das

Almost Midnight Suburban Thought

By Dominique Cachuela

A humid night stills.
There are no stars
no signals
just motions for
the steady notions.

I have changed.
Everybody does.
But there are some
moments I want to relive
that I can’t seem to
get a grasp of.
Looking at my trails,
I do not seem to get that far,
I’ve been running in circles
for days.
I can only look back
and I can’t get past
the thick glass separating
the present and
the days of my youth.

I wanted to break the glass
but it resides within
the deepest chambers
of which I can no longer


the beer in front of me
is getting warm by the

It’s another day of work

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