Dina Refaat

Edition IV

Don't Underestimate My Humor - by Dina Refaat

Don’t Underestimate My Humor
(In memory of the passing of Mr. Robbin Williams)

By Dina Refaat

I didn’t know so much could go on inside my mind.
Go ahead and search, I bet there’s nothing funny to find
Gets me to ponder, how someone made us laugh so hard we cried
Underestimating that the joker himself, is grieving on the inside.

Whenever I’m up on stage to open up with a joke
My darkest lurking thoughts slowly start to get provoked,
Performing and entertaining ahead a very large crowd
Their cheery laughter help trigger my demons aloud

An exhale of relief when the curtain slowly starts to fall
Now I can return to my lonely crippled soul

Don’t underestimate my power to get you to laugh,
Concealing my sadness behind your laughter is the sole escape I have

R.I.P my captain, for I enjoyed growing up in your times
Little did I know, but sadness can lurk behind the widest of smiles

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