Canis Gary Lobo

Edition II

An Electrical Engineer's Valentine - by Canis Gary Lobo (photo by Rachel Chisholm)Photo credit: Rachel Chisholm

An Electrical Engineer’s Valentine

 By Canis Gary Lobo

My heart is a giant logic gate,
putting you AND I together.
I simulated the circuit on Quartus,
and it functioned smooth as ever.

You’re the Thevenin to my Norton,
the sine wave to my generator,
we’re an operational amplifier,
and our Gain couldn’t be better.

Though our classrooms are freezing
I know I can count on you
to burn the capacitors just enough
to bid the cold adieu.

Conditional probability is easy to you,
you solder circuits like a queen.
Your perfection brings up one question:
Are you a senior project or a dream?

Your smile is my turn-on voltage,
I’m in triode when you laugh.
Our hugs put me in saturation-edge
and then we create a pinched-off channel and I forget how to rhyme. Just like this.

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