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Edition III

Nero's Time - by Brody McGee  (photo by Myriam Nehmeh)
Photo credit: Myriam Nehmeh

Nero’s Time

By Brody McGee

I thought you would have known
That the time had come, and flown
Now you’re bleeding out your ears
From what you tried to hear
And behind closed doors
Was the realization of all your fears.

You took your time out
With your dunce cap on
And the fear of the Religion
Kept your fever burning strong.
But the feelings they never left you
They were in the shadows of your mind
A conflagration of feelings
Reminiscent of Nero’s time.

The idea behind religion
Is having faith and having flaws
You don’t need no one to guide you
If you’ve got nothing to be forgiven for
So take the slow train out west my boy
Let the wood slats of those train tracks
Ease the anger from your heart
Feel it seep deep down to the earth
And leave a forgiving mark

Cause they’ll lead you with silence under spoken
Then they’ll cut you up with violence unprovoked
Confusion caused religion, looking for answers in the sky
Then applied structures and rudiments and rules for us to live by

Now I don’t know about you but to me
This whole situation seems just a tad bit silly
Cause spirit is to me
Everything I can see in the dark
And love is to me
What I can hear when your lips part
With thoughts left unthinking
Let’s trust our blood again
Let’s hear what it has to say and spread it out on the wind

Cause I thought you would have known
That the time had come and flown
Cause now you’re bleeding out your ears
From what you pretended not to hear
And behind those closed doors was the realization
Of all your fears

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Nero’s Time – by Brody McGee

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