Biji Dominic

Biji Dominic

I am Biji Dominic. I am interested in reading books. My journey of inscribing my thoughts started more than twenty years ago.

I used to submit a few verses to, I got some great response. Comments from readers encourage me to pen down my thoughts. 

I heard about Dubai Poetics through an advertisement in Uptown and ever since then have been a member of the Poetryhood. It is lovely to be a part of this community and I enjoy reading the work of other poets on this platform.

Please enjoy one of my more popular verses:
Woods are lovely dark and deep,
But I have promised to keep,
Miles to go before I Sleep,
Miles to go before I Sleep.

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Edition XI

silent-valley-by-bijim-dominic-photo-by-daniel-burkaPhoto credit: Daniel Burka

Silent Valley

By Bijim Dominic

Silent valley is silent. 
In silent valley, you can experience 
the beauty of nature, 
virgin green woods will inspire you. 

Silent valley is silent. 
In silent valley, you can hear 
cacophony of birds, 
in silent valley, you can see 
so many rare plants and trees. 

Silent valley is silent. 
When you are in silent valley, 
do not disturb the flying birds 
and green vegetation. 

Let us conserve silent valley 
for the future generation. 
It is a paradise on earth, 
silent valley is silent.

Edition XII

the-countryside-by-bijim-dominic-photo-by-hoach-le-dinhPhoto credit: Hoach Le Dinh

The Countryside

By Bijim Dominic

I love the countryside, 
I love the naive people, 
I love the natural habitat, 
Yes, she is my sweetheart. 
I love the green lands, 
I love the mountain ranges, 
I love the chattering milky way 
through the rocky mountain, 
I love the highland with shrubs, 
I love the highland mist, 
I love the sun rays piercing through 
the mist, 
I love the toiling class, 
I’m a part of the countryside.

Edition XIII

the-invisible-omnipotent-power-by-bijim-dominic-photo-by-rosan-harmensPhoto credit: Rosan Harmens

The Invisible Omnipotent Power

By Bijim Dominic

The sky is blue
the helium generator with its full might 
the day is known by this celebrity’s brilliance
the night is known by infinite glittering
the sea with uncountable flora and fauna 
the forest with shady herbs and giant trees
the mountain with chattering rivers
the valley with grasslands

The good earth is filled with varied 
the creator touched with natural colour 
and fragrance
Yes, the greatest artist’s masterpiece.

Edition XVI

Amy's Cry - by Biji Dominic

Amy’s Cry

By Biji Dominic

Amy was a celebrity star, 
She had a powerful voice,  
Her song, Rehab, was a cry for help,  
Her cries were not heard by the crowd,
Amy is no more, to happy the crowd.
Amy’s life was slipping away from her hand,  
Amy had addiction issues, 
She could not get away from her addictions, 
Amy is no more. 

Amy cried for help,  
Her cries were not heard,  
Amy is no more,  
Amy left the world with her songs.

Edition XVII

Conception - by Biji Dominic (Photo by Ismael Nieto)Photo credit: Ismael Nieto


By Biji Dominic

Conceive your baby in your pure heart, 
during your conception time fill your mind with 
faithful and positive thoughts. 
If you have a faithful heart,
let it beat for fear of God. 
Conceive your poem with a pure heart, 
for a poem is first conceived in the heart.
Pen down your thoughts with a positive mind, 
your baby and poem may sublime one.

Edition XIX

Parallel Lines - by Biji Dominic (Photo by Bence Boros)Photo credit: Bence Boros

Parallel Lines

By Biji Dominic

Parallel lines never meet 
Life can never be like parallel lines 
Divided distance between lines 
by love 
Life is a bliss when loved ones walk and think alike
For some it is well done, but life may be so complex, 
Multitude of reasons to fight each other, 
Loved ones reach a conclusion of 
Like parallel lines, they decide to live 
For the opulent, divorce is a fashion 
Some folks, may not understand the meaning 
of life
Let the rich learn to listen to the inner voice
Life is not a bed of roses
Life can be made sublime by lover’s fervent 
Loved one’s lives should not be like parallel 

Edition XXII

Romance Blossom - by Biji Dominic (Photo by Odette Scapin)Photo credit: Odette Scapin

Romance Blossom

By Biji Dominic

Like a sunflower romance blossom
like a passion fruit,
romance bears fruit
under a willow tree

Loved ones exchange hearts, 
loved ones enjoy a splash in the 
Blue Lagoon

During romantic mood nothing is forbidden

Music envelops a romantic mood

Romance is a feeling from the heart

Strength of romance is tested at the 
altar of pain

Colour of romance vary

Fragrance of romance is jasmine scent

Romance is a feeling which no one 
can wink at.

Edition XXIII

In This Jail - by Biji Dominic (Photo by Rosan Harmens)Photo credit: Rosan Harmens

In This Jail

By Biji Dominic

We feel pain, only when we experience, 
We feel pain only when we suffer, 
We feel pain only when our skin is near the fire, 
Shipwreck can happen to anyone, at any time, 
Very few recover from a mighty economic loss. 

When we don’t exercise prudence in our dealings, 
We don’t know, what kind of repercussion, one has to go through, 
Through hell, one has to go through 
Through legal battle, one has to go through, 
Through dire straits, one has to go through, 
To fight being penniless is not an easy joke. 

Only those who run through the desert feel the desert experience, 
The desert summer is arid, humid and difficult to get along, 
Can one get away from desert sand of dead end?
Those in jail, have so much to share, 
Nobody is there to listen to your plea, 
You alone in a cell, counting days to become free.

Edition XXV

Miss Congeniality - by Biji Dominic (Photo by Odette Scapin)Photo credit: Odette Scapin

Miss Congeniality

By Biji Dominic

Thy name is women
her name is Miss Congeniality
she got an alluring look
she walks with confidence

Miss sensuality is sensitive at times
her eyes speak volumes
her nails speak femininity,
with her curvy figure, she turns cat-walk,  

Miss Congeniality is a heart-throb,
her attitude is her strength
she keeps fetish friends at bay,
with less vanity, she goes,
But she still keeps a vanity bag.
Miss Congeniality is the girl at the next door.

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