Benjamin Skomorac


I was born in 1996. I finished elementary school as well as Technical High School in Zenica with great success, with a number of honors after graduation. After that I enrolled in the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zenica, Department of Language and Literature. In addition to studying language and literature, I also write short forms of texts, prose and poems. I currently live in Zenica (BiH), a professor of Bosnian language and literature. So far my poems have been published in the collections of Trinity from Gradište (Croatia), Sindjelic’s Cagar fire (Serbia), Pannonian seagull (Serbia), Carpe Diem (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Drina literary meetings (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

August 2020

In The Silence of The Field - by Benjamin Skomorac (Photo by Aaron Burden)Photo credit: Aaron Burden

In The Silence of The Field

By Benjamin Skomorac

I cast my glance far away
as my eyes spread the silence of the blades of grass.

I am wondering, unbearably,
does any blade die
without the knowledge of the whole field?

I slowly adhere to nature
to that world of stunted herbs.
The words became petrified with unison,
in the infinity of thoughts,
while I merge the pictures of the unbearable
torrid city asphalt and
entwined thicket in the murk of the sky.

Wailing of the city melt into the abyss
freeing itself from the harmony of the width
of boiling sky of Sahara and
rainy Amazonia,
without the intactness of silence
in true greenery.

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