Averine Simethy

Edition June 2020

Soulful Echoes - Averine Simethy (Photo by Shahin Khalaji).jpgPhoto credit: Shahin Khalaji

Soulful Echoes

By Averine Simethy

Whipped, burned and laughed at

These incessant whispers of scorn and loathing,

Like salt to my wounds, sting and obliterate my fire.

Crimson –

Like the plush color of your lips that once revered me

Now twists into an unforgiving scowl full of hate

I close my eyes, damp lashes leaving the briefest of kisses against my cheeks;

I rock my body to the phantom feeling of your arms around me,

The feeling of warmth that has dwindled to frost bite.

Glacial –

The biting cold in your eyes as you lay them on me,

You question the very essence of my being like a broken record

Until it echoes within me, pulsing with darkness in my mind, my soul, my very being.

Like a blindfold, it cages me in the darkness

A prisoner of my echoing thoughts

I pray for liberation from you,

I pray for liberation from me.

Edition XXIII

Amour - by Averine Simethy (Photo by Ismael Nieto)Photo credit: Ismael Nieto


By Averine Simethy

hope flaring
heart booming
mind subdued

they fell

spiraling into possibilities
consumed by probabilities;
circumstances waited
for its chance
to drown them
in what ifs

Edition XXIV

Mother - by Averine Simethy (Photo by Quino Al)Photo credit: Quino Al


By Averine Simethy

His skin

Marred with scars

Molded him in our eyes

As a menace.


He was a forsaken angel

With markings

Powerful enough to narrate a story

For her heart to hear

And to feel 

With abundant love

For her son.

Edition XXIX

Resuscitated - By Averine Simethy (Photo by Annie Spratt) (1)Photo credit: Annie Spratt


By Averine Simethy

Like an essence that can’t be contained
you drifted past me
luring me,
tempting me to drift away with you.
You shed your skin like a cloak
and hung me up like one
bound, smothered and broken.
I cried for mercy
the mercy not known to the likes of him.
To the filth that tries to consume me:
You may succeed in having my body
but only death shall have my soul.

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