Ashfaq Ahmed

Edition XXIII

On The Edge - by Ashfaq Ahmed (Photo by Cole Hutson)Photo credit: Cole Hutson

On The Edge

By Ashfaq Ahmed

My mind is a knife
it cuts aloose all troubles-
and grievances in life
It carves a path right through-
the dense of awful situations
It sharpens every time I rub it
against rocky experiences

My mind is a dangerous dagger
one that frightens even myself,
it pricks and scratches passer-by,
it pokes into the skins of all-
those who’ve been a part of my life,
on every person I meet,
on every one who’s just nice and approaching.
One can ask my friends and kin,
they’d show the scabs on their chest and skin,
right where it pierced into their hearts

But of all people who’ve been hurt
from my monstrous possession
it’s me who’s been wounded the most.
All the times I smile with delight,
greeted with the blade of precision,
leaving on me a worrisome grin.
My face bleeds of doubt and anxiety all over
mixed with my tears of grief,
it slashes my arms and legs
skeptical of all their efforts,
it stabs at the back when all I’ve got-
is hope and optimism.
The handsome scar it hails- realism
after it all, it fondles my wrists,
a mockery of my life’s worthlessness

How I’ve wondered forever
what sin of mine so grave
cursed me with this wicked tool.
How long I’ve yearned to lose it-
or all of myself to relieve the agony,
but were those yearnings mine or the blade’s?
O God, save me from this dangerous deceit.

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