Arantxa Carvalho

Edition June 2020

Con Artist - by Arantxa Carvalho (Photo by Noah Silliman)Photo credit: Noah Silliman

Con Artist

By Arantxa Carvalho

Towards the end of time

In the moment that you find yourself alone,

Will you walk forward

Into the room of mirrors where you’ll face your soul?

Will you be brave enough to face yourself,

The real you, hidden within deception?

All the laps you ran

All that you eluded

The acts committed seasons apart

Have finally found their way

To your hiding place,

Catching up to you

Like a bullet fired by justice

On its way to your conscience,

Countless times that you thought

None would see,

But the fire has set its course.

You’re here now

All by yourself,

All alone,


For the wizardry

Your wayward soul chose,

You are not trapped, my love,

You’ve been brought

To the Courts of Judgement.

Edition XXXV

White Canvas - by Arantxa Carvalho (Photo by Fabrizio Conti)Photo credit: Fabrizio Conti

White Canvas

By Arantxa Carvalho

On this white canvas

I find my mind

weeping dreams and bloody thoughts

Everything that this world can’t fathom

living in an esoteric universe of its own

where there are days

that I’m out of my own league

flailing like a fish in the sea

out of its school

Do you find this drifter within you too?

or is this white canvas supposed to be my home alone?

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