Anupras Mohapatra

Edition XXXX

Indifference - by Anupras Mohapatra (Photo by Reham).jpgPhoto credit: Reham Yeshar


By Anupras Mohapatra

For centuries it’s been remarked

That silence leaves the most telling of marks

But as the times change and people adapt

a new weapon seems to have come around

It is just painful to feel silence where there once used to be sweet song

But it is deathly, to feel indifference where there was love and clear skies

The allure of a warming heart, the charm of quirk, a work of art

Could drive thy heart into delirium

But as songs go, nothing breaks like a heart

The sunshine gives way to rain, the skies turn jet black

Darkness chokes every living cell and the sledgehammer strikes the blow

Thy heart has cracked into a million little pieces

As the same starry eyes no longer seem to shine

As indifference has turned thy love into its shrine.

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