Amr Khalifa

Edition II

Do Not Believe - photo by Tarek RoumiePhoto credit: Tarek Roumie

Do Not Believe

By Amr Khalifa

Taught to believe that life is difficult
Forced to believe that life is hard
Made to believe every move is critical
Though it appears I’ll just pick a card

Taught to believe that life’s a miracle
How can that be? Have you seen the scars?
Made to believe that I might be cynical
If I question belief then I question God?

Taught to believe you should play it safe
Forced to believe there’s a single way
Made to believe that the road less travelled
Is a dead-end once it’s unraveled

Taught to believe everything we are taught
Plant the seeds in your mind in your thoughts
Knowledge is key… to harvest the crop
But if you believe you will see… they will rot

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