Amina Lakehayli

Amina LakehayliA poet comfortable with chaos.
Guilty I must be, I am made of contradictions. 
I am the loudest calm human you’ll meet. 
I am the sun and the sea. Some of me burn, yet some of me is freezing. 
“Beautiful brain” is one of the sweetest words I’ve been told. 
“You stupid” is one I hear again and again, until I confess, until I declare belief.
I am a fool. Break the chains, zip their mouths. Their tongues hurt but don’t purify my sins. 
I woke up with a wistful soul, and had a sincere laugh with my friend. 
My hands are gentle, when madness is not hunting my bones. 
I always think my purpose is fathomable, you don’t recognize it cause nor do I. 
I am made of contradictions you see, but aren’t we all?

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Edition V

Ban Me - by Amina Lakehayli  (photo by Amina Lakehayli)Photo credit: Amina Lakehayli 

Ban Me

By Amina Lakehayli

Ban me.
Put me in a box, that’s not my size.
I’ll dismantle my bones; I’ll squeeze tight my heart.
I’ll leave behind my dreams, and I’ll blow my hopes in a helium balloon.
If there is no space for my soul; I will sell it for you.
And I still wouldn’t fit, in the box you choose.

Ban me.
Lock me in a cage made of stars,
tell me I have the universe inside it, but I still want to fly.
Feed me love, I still want to sing.
Protect me from the world outside, and deny me the one I have within,
I still can’t be owned, I still have a name
and I still want to love blindfolded outside my cage.

Ban me.
Carry me in you; I’ll soak in your blood.
The life you want for me is bright, but I can’t sense the light.
Cut me loose, I’m heavy, and I’m tired.
I can’t settle down for what you wish, I lust for freedom, for depths and heights.

Ban me, because when you said “You’re not one of us” you were right.
Ban me, so we both could rest and I can die.

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