Alaa Al Maliki

Edition II

Whispers of a Demon - by Alaa Al Maliki

Whispers of a Demon

By Alaa Al Maliki

Whispers of a demon
Burn me inside everyday
As he sprinkles a bit of lemon
On the wounds of my dismay

He smiles at midnight
Watching me cry in pain
Oh to him it’s just a delight
Watching me go insane

Yet he is not to blame
As he is but a creation
From that deep flame
That lies in my soul’s nation

A nation so complicated
Filled with broken hearts
Tarnished and affiliated
With fakeness from all parts

It is ruled by a major feeling
“The want of one as a friend”
Then comes the pain of dealing
With an action called ‘pretend’

Pretend all is okay
Erase who you are
Just do what they say
Thrusting the “you” so far

Thus that demon remains
Smirking with extreme joy
Cause I satisfy his gains
An entertaining worthless toy

He plays his musical notes
On the piano of emotion
As I ride on one of the boats
Of the stormy mad ocean

Oh I’m sinking deep and slow
In that nation of my creation
Life is in its name for what I know
A never ending test-like situation

Edition III

A Piece of Mind - by Alaa Al Maliki

A Piece of Mind

By Alaa Al Maliki

It has been burnt in my mind
That broad back of yours
The aura that I could find
Between those backbone doors

Would you let me in?
Let me see your face
Let me fathom what’s within
The you without a trace

I hate the silhouette your back casts
Yet my eyes keep following it
Giving birth to a love that lasts
Forevermore in every bit

A ghastly love you granted me
Imprisoned me long ago
With stiff thorns that left me be
Yet kind enough to let me go

My eyes have read your back
Over and over again
Like a book’s hooking paperback
Driving me a load insane

I longed to reckon who you are
Waited for you to turn around
However, you stood so far
Whispered “A me is not found.”

Shock poured a cup of itself
Into the contents of my heart
Since you were but a mere self
From a piece of mind, a part.

Edition XII


في داخلي طفلة

الشاعرة ألاء المالكي

كنت جالسة أحتسي قهوتي
و سكون الأجواء يحاكي مشاعري
فإذا بي أعود في سجل ذكرياتي
إلى طفلة صغيرة ملامحها تحاكيني

في جو تملؤه قساوة البرد تدفقت داخلي
جو رسم غشاوة على ناظري
ففقدت تلك الصغيرة التي بدت تناديني
بصوت خافت “لا تنسيني، لا تتركيني”

 فقت للمس يدها الصغيرة في يدي
لكن فقدانها جمد جدران قلبي
فبدا لي كالجو القارس الذي يحاوطني
بارد، جامد، خال من مشاعر كانت لي

 هل خسرتك يا طفلتي؟
سألت و دموعي منسكبة على وجهي
قأجابني صوت خافت همس في أذني
إن بحثت في داخلك بتمعن فستجديني

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