Abeer Alaloul

August 2020

Ancestor's Calling - by Abeer Alaloul (Photo by Frank Albrecht)Photo credit: Frank Albrecht

Ancestor’s Calling

By Abeer Alaloul

Our roots are like those of an olive grove

carrying stories buried in the soil, beneath the earth

no matter how many they cut off

disguised with villas and buildings,

the whispers of our ancestors will always be there.

Sometimes on a windy day

you might hear the farmers’ whisper,

free the land

June 2020

Finding Happiness - by Abeer Alaloul (Photo by Devin Avery).jpgPhoto credit: Devin Avery

Finding Happiness

By Abeer Alaloul

I look back at a time where simplicity brought joy..

running freely barefoot on a hot summer day after your friends

throwing buckets of water

rolling on the floor as you laugh so hard your muscles hurt

A time where happiness was a way to be

now we search mountains and lovers to find that feeling again

yet an emptiness is still there

we try to fill our cries with consumer goods

yet our insides still want more

we try to drown our sorrows

with bottled liquids

yet our souls still want more

where has the happiness of my inner child gone?

April 2020

Lovers' Gaze - by Abeer Alaloul (Photo by Jose A. Thompson).jpgPhoto credit: Jose A. Thompson

Lovers’ Gaze

By Abeer Alaloul

Our eyes tell a story

when they stare back at each other

sparkling like a glimmering lake

kissed by the sun

we utter no words

they speak volumes

they recite poetry of the heart

that the subconscious can’t comprehend

our eyes tell a story

this time they are smiling as they tell the story of our hearts

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